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All good advice so far. I would strongly suggest that you look for ways to earn while in school. If you can get a paid internship, that would be best. Start your network now. How? Go to parties and be social! I got my first and a good paying job through a friend who was a year ahead of me and was in my major. Be social with people in grades above you, it helps. The point about friends is also a good one. Make sure that you are hanging with smart, driven, fun, ambitious people. It will rub off. Consider a minor/concentration/double major. At many schools you can do this for free. It might give you 2x as many options for careers and an oportunity to specialize. A future business writer might double in journalism and economics. Choose broad majors with many options for proven entry into your chosen field. Plan your classes so you can take them and graduate on time. Study abroad!!!! As much as you can!!! It is a great way to see the world while it is an accepted time. A european vacation might cost thousands and can be too expensive later in life. Go abroad and get college credit? Great idea!! Also gives you instant life experience to talk about.
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Jul 28, 2010