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ummm, type-cast, searching by attribute is the opposite of a taxonomy. A taxonomy is always a structure relating nodes by a form of relationship in which there are at least a few layers (otherwise it's just a thing with attributes). A searchable database with a range of attributes, which is what you are describing, would be great, but it's definately not a taxonomy. Also, generally, though not essentially, a taxonomy is navigable - that's what where the added value is - you can find things when you don't even know their attributes because of the their relationship, sometimes distant, with nodes about which you do know something.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2007 on Taxonomist Reviews at Hacking NetFlix
Oh, and that's why is so much better than Pandora.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2007 on Taxonomist Reviews at Hacking NetFlix
I'm a taxonomist at the most prestigious taxonomical organization in the world - which I won't mention and I have the appropriate graduate degree too. Usability is always more informative than ordering, because ordering is based on language and the mapping of meaning onto language is shockingly variable between users. Only in completely controlled environments, like law, is there a reasonable return on investment for applying a taxonomy to a complex set of artifacts. Usability, on the other hand, always has a direct return on investment. If most users think a parent and a child should be parallel then who are we to tell them different? That's why folksonomies are so hot. So my high-falutin opinion: leave that taxonomic crap alone and get that recommendation algorithm tightened up!
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2007 on Taxonomist Reviews at Hacking NetFlix
As Scotty321 states, being scratched is not an objective state. There is no test. There is flawless and then a long long range where the dvd player matters much much more than the dvd itself. I have a pd tower with an 6 year old dvd reader and a 5 month old reader and the 6 year old reader consistently has flawless playback of disks the newer reader can't spin at all. Netflix probably shouldn't get rid of every DVD reported unplayable - just those that are unplayable for most subscribers.
Good comment Mike. Edward, Icahn has been moderately effective at getting cash out of companies that the market undervalues, though not universally - GM was a recent debacle and Time Warner is still up in the air. You'd be hard pressed to show me any examples where his influence has improved the actual running of the company, however. Generally, he sells off non-core components or distributes balance sheet cash to shareholders then sells his interest when he thinks he has maxed out value. If that's the kind of CEO Blockbuster gets (and Icahn is in a position to heavily influence) then Netflix can cross innovation off the list of competitive pressures BBI will exert. Great for the stock, maybe not so great for us users.
91% available - 400 movies. The number of movies for which there is a wait depends on what kind of renter you have recently been. Rent a lot of newer films and the number of waits go up dramatically. I've come back from vacation and had no more than two waits on a list of 400.