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Driven, Thanks so much for your service to our great country, God bless you and everyone you serve with.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2008 on Driven revisited at BlackFive
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"Bottom line is we are about to endure an economic collapse..." Thanks for your service AOT, and your finely tuned prose, but I must disagree with your assertion, even though I am strongly attracted and ingratiated to your intelligence and passion for our great country. Apart from the rest of your piece, one part was unclear to me. If you could define "collapse" based upon known terms like "recession" or "depression" we can begin to measure, and therefore assess, your guess as to our economy and how it will fair after Bush is done majorly influencing it. I think you're wrong, and America will still be the world's lone superpower well into the 21st century. I base this upon our brief but successful past and fine men and women such as yourself and Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive. I'll know if I'm correct or not if America's GDP still dwarfs any other country, our military spending still dwarfs any 10 other countries, and our universities still retain an edge in certain areas, among, of course, many other metrics, in a couple of decades time.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2008 on Uncle J chats w/ a Vet for Peace at BlackFive
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Holy crap, that is hilarious and beyond parody.
Toggle Commented Feb 29, 2008 on Mall Ninjas at BlackFive
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"Since we don't what Obama stands for..." This is bunk. I know what Obama stands for, and you should too: Higher taxes, withdrawal as soon as possible from Iraq, bigger government with more regulations on business, open borders, talking with any leader of any country, invaiding Pakistan to kill Osama (again in my opinion, as that POS SOB is dead, dead, dead and rotting in Hell along with Saddam), and most other liberal positions favored by Ted Kennedy. I'm not sure why this "Obama never says anything substantive" misinformation has caught on, but I suspect it's simply a refusal to confront an ugly reality: Obama would be Teddy K.'s man in the White House.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2008 on This is reason number 2,352,951.... at BlackFive
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