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24 million paying $16? All the subscribers are paying for both dvds and streaming now?
The oatmeal comic was hilarious!
When I got the email I thought it was spam when I came to the quikster part of the email. Then I thought what was he apologizing for? For the actions they are doing now or for the actions they took recently :) As Ahbi mentioned above, this is for a sell-off. I was sort of expecting this when the original price hike came (even though I didn't want that to happen). Basically they are getting more profit with streaming and less with dvd business I think. This way they can slowly close down the dvd business or sell it off at some point. Again I don't like it though. I agree with many here about 2 queues to maintain, if you have a movie added to streaming, you have to manually check and delete in the other queue, ratings, etc are not customer friendly at all. Will there be an apology email for this one or I should take this apology for all actions in the past and in the future? Takeiteasy.
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Sep 19, 2011