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Cod, thanks for reading all the way to the conclusion. I really do think some folks skipped from the opening paragraph straight to the comment field. The structure of the post was intended to be a bit provocative so I suppose I shouldn't complain. I seem to have successfully communicated my thoughts to you in my conclusion. I do want to point out that completing the following tasks does not make a chef. That usually takes years, and one must master a considerably longer list of tasks. Most of these tasks are more difficult, more complicated and require more finesse. Completing these tasks will develop a baseline of knowledge, and perhaps a bit of appreciation for what foodservice workers do every day. I also think knowing a bit about cooking enhances your appreciation of a restaurant meal. Having worked in restaurants for years I don't appreciate Yelp much. If someone isn't comfortable making a complaint to someone face-to-face, I think it should tell them something...perhaps this complaint shouldn't be made anonymously online either. Professional critics worth their salt will not visit a restaurant for a few months after opening, and will always visit a restaurant twice before writing a review. They have professional reputations to consider after all. I have read Yelp reviews from people who haven't even dined at the restaurant, or are uncertain if they have the name of the restaurant correct. I have read complaints of restaurant owners who have had their restaurants mistaken for similar establishments. I also think that dining is a bit different than other services that are reviewed on Yelp, and that commenters drew analogies to (one women in a Facebook comment thread drew an awkward parallel to catheterization). Breaking bread to me is about community, about culture, and about pleasure. I bridle when one suggests that at a restaurant they are merely a consumer, when I know from experience that many in the restaurant industry truly and deeply consider them a guest.
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Sep 5, 2012
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Sep 5, 2012