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They have come again (the CPDM) and this time with the accomplise of had been most respected Nzenze Ewanoge. Dear Kupe Muanenguba people, Ewanoge can tell you no other thing than the lies he is telling you now. He had held the truth some times when he was in the UNDP and realised that he could have not much to gain personally. This is why he easilly switched into the CPDM to be able to ripe at the detriment of the common Kupe Muanenguba man. Is it not true that all his children are graduates of ENAM and the police school? Have you people ever cared to ask yourself why only his children? Why he not been include other children of K/M who are even more qualified than his? I want to tell you that a vote for CPDM in K/M is a vote of more years of slavery and misery for the benefite of a few like Ewanoge. My pple, K/M had been very ignorant during the past but I am sure you have already learned a lesson. You are a people with no reads though there are unaccomplished promises of that during each campaigh period. do not be fooled this time or you will have yourselves to blame. Biya has scratched the back of no peasant in K/M and so the CPDM does not merit any scratching too. The Ewanoges, Ngolle Ngolle and co owe him a scratch and not you.
My fallow Bangem people, be ware of all these old to-be candidates. Non of them is out for any progress as evident from those of their ages who had held these positions before now. They offered Bangem with nothing,no mayor, no parliamenterian had ever known what developing the area means. They have never understood that they needed to make contacts abroad and that the Cameroonian Govt had nothing to offer. They had always failed us, we better try a young intelligent guy now. Let us not be fooled this time.
It is suprising that the Muketes like other CPDM big-wings go abroad for medical treatments. I think there are hospitals in Cameroon. But then, if every thing good and perfect can be gotten only from outside Cameroon, then young Cameroonians have the right to find their way out of Cameroon. Time waits for no body and the clock is ticking.
Matty and Mukete, When I read you both, I begin to wonder if there is nothing wrong some where along the line with the way you reason. Matty, you claim to be working for whites who treate you in terms of your worth.I think that is great. You might have expertised knowledge in one feild or the other that might be very useful in Cameroon. Why don´t you go back and use your knowledge to develope your society instead of that of the Canadians? We need you back home. For Mr. Mukete,You seem to be trying to compensate for what you have failed to attain in life but which others have. All the noise you make on this forum, makes me view you as an abnoxious and stack illiterate. If really you are in Cameroon, dont you think that your focus on BUSHFALLERS all the time is meaningless? I do not say they are free from your accusations. But then you do not know where a change has to begin. I will like to tell you and other Cameroonians who are chanting alleluia because you feel bush fallers have been exposed that those bush fallers have nothing to lose. The country has nothing to offer them and they will continue their slavery in the west and feel better than being slaves to death in their home (Cameroon)like some of us. Dont you feel that the cleansing of all ills in Cameroon has to start from the presidency itself. When this happens, we will not need to talk much about minute crimes. We will see them all disappear because the top is clean. Lets think positively.