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Glad to see you back !! If there are any french speaking readers here, they also can go on - a blog about Netflix written in French. I only promote this website to maybe give you less work on replying to emails, and that may be a better for the french readers :)
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2012 on Back From a Much-Needed Break at Hacking NetFlix
The most interesting new feature is the search feature (that you don't mention ..... ). It lets you know directly if a title is available or not on streaming. I really like this new changes.
Just got the new Apple TV and I got to say that the video quality is by far the best I've seen on Netflix. I have a PS3 and a XBOX360, but HD quality on the Apple TV is the best. The quality adjustment is faster also way much faster on the ATV than the PS3 (that I was using most of the time).
@Pat: no prob :) Hope you'll like it. Personally I love the fact that we didn't see the actors in 100 shows before they filmed this one. I love the Seattle atmosphere, and of course the story. Hope the second season will be as good as the first one. I'm kinda disappointed with many second seasons lately.
@Flix Fan: I share your opinion mate! People have the mouth full but always want more ...
No problem here.
Apparently the cartoon characters on the launch screen are not the same at every starts. I've blogged the Just For Kids thing on my Netflix blog in French and too a picture of the launch screen and I can see that it's not the same as yours :) See the picture here:
The Just For Kids is available for almost a week on PS3. The UI is the same as before on the "regular" Netflix but I really like the "Just For Kids" UI and I'd like to have it for the regular Netflix. Looks definitely better! @Belgand: really ? Just to have to press 'ok' twice instead of once is annoying you ? I don't have kids either but I don't see the problem...
Works well on my Mac and iPhone in France. Too lazy and tired to test on the PS3 and GoogleTV but everything seems to work well :)
if it's NOT reserved to Dish subscribers.
Glad that a real competitor shows up, I was thinking to cancel my subscription by the end of the year, instead of just cancel it I will maybe switch to Blockbuster if the prices are good and if it's reserved to Dish subscribers.
@Thomas Fals : a good VPN costs a lot, personally I have a 25Mbps internet connection, I don't want to use a VPN and see my connection dropping to 2Mbps... Of course a VPN unblock any websites, but most of the websites are free to use w/o any restrictions so... For less than 5 bucks I prefer a DNS service, the security argument is just there to make people subscribe to their service haha it will never stop a hacker or any virus.
@DerrickSwistak & Jonathan : Maybe my location helps to get a better quality, it would be the first time I got something better in France than everywhere else in the world haha But sincerely, if I could post a video, I would record 5 minutes of a movie just to prove that the quality is as good as other content on Netflix (nothing compared to a Blu-Ray even for HD content). The only thing isn't good is the Starz introduction, with the logo, the quality is quite awful, but after few seconds the quality adjust and it's all good. Anyway, I really think that Netflix is going to suffer in a near future, looks like an anti Netflix conspiracy is there outside.
@Jonathan : of course the quality can be different between platforms, a PS3 and a Apple TV for example don't work the same way, don't use the same buffering, resolution can be different, wifi can be not as good as on the other which can be decrease the quality of the streaming, and that's just few examples of how streaming can be different between equipment. I have a 25 Mbps internet connection, an flatscreen HDTV, and yes the quality of Starz content is just as good as any other content on Netflix. And I'm in France, stream has to cross the ocean, you think that's why it is better on my end ?? ;-)
Netflix is going to die if they don't acquire licenses... They already lost Sony's films. Starz brings many recent contents, and I personally don't want to pay to watch movies from the 70s. Starz streaming quality is just really really nice with a PS3 and GoogleTV, absolutely not different of the other content. I will probably cancel my subscription by the end of the year now that I have cable with all the premiums channels but I really hope that Netflix will find a way to get recent movies.
I'm a (ex customer since February 2011 and I gotta say that this service is really really great. Compared to proxy who can slow down the internet connection, a DNS redirection is totally transparent. It's very easy to setup almost every equipment with the tutorials they offer on their website. I use the service on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, PS3, XBOX360, then I put the DNS directly in my router (which is easier than setting up a proxy cause many routers don't don't have settings for proxy). So now, all my equipment can go on Netflix, Pandora, hulu , many US tv network website also some radio station that can't be played outside the US. The only reason I've set up my router is that some gadgets don't have DNS settings (like a Google TV). So for 5 bucks a month, it's just a great and easy way to have access to many content from US, the team behind Unblock-US is really nice, you can email them if you have question etc...
@Justin: yes, thanks for having corrected me, my mind was thinking about another service while I was writing and I didn't re-read my post before to press the "post" button.
Vudu had always compared the availability of their movies with Netflix (way before their partnership with Walmart). Walmart is ABSOLUTELY NOT the owner of Vudu, they have a partnership and Walmart is using Vudu's service to provide VOD to their customers. Vudu is a really good service, the quality of their streaming is really really good and YES it's a Netflix killer in some way like every VOD services are. Vudu offers movies on demand the same day of the DVD/BR release, how long do we have to wait to get a movie on Netflix? I love the fact that Netflix has a unlimited plan, but I'm really not sure that's something the other brands will offer. Licenses are really pricy and provide oldies ... Someone who works, and have other things to do except watching TV may be please to pay 10 bucks to watch only 2 NEW movies in the month instead of 10 bucks for oldies ... I love netflix streaming service and I think it's great, but imagine you have cable or satellite with a good package (with Starz, Showtime, HBO, Epix, Cinemax etc) for I don't know $90/month, do you prefer to pay 10 bucks more for oldies onNetflix and watch 2 movies or $10 or less on a really new movie on Vudu ? Since I have cable I personally prefer to rent one or 2 movies sometimes, and since that I got FiOS TV I cancelled my Netflix subscription. It depends of every needs, if you are single, a couple with or with kids, you don't have the same needs. -Eban PS: Am I the only one to think that comment like the one written by Vio is just really stupid ?
So much better than the AppleTV2, BoxeeBox. Roku is definitely becoming bigger and bigger!
This kind of software are illegal so ... I won't pay for something that I know illegal and who will be probably shut down very soon after the official release, if it's not before. Contents are available for a very long time on Netflix, a ok time on Hulu, I don't see why people would pay 5 bucks a month to record something that they already pay for.
No problem to reach (from France).
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