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Sydney, Australia
Elissa Baxter is a portrait photographer, lawyer, writer, social network addict, art history student, blogger, wife, mother and friend. In the ten years since she started blogging she has grown up, filled out, given birth, quit her job, changed careers, made friends, lost friends, changed careers again, started a business, and typed and typed and typed. Read on, it only gets more exciting from here.
Interests: are diverse and plentiful, but defy listing. get to know me and all will be revealed.
Recent Activity
Dear Liz, I must have a dozen, nay, a hundred photos of you in the background, off to the side, smiling, laughing, talking. I often look at you in photos and think how unselfconsciously beautiful you look. Perhaps that is the innocence of believing that life goes on forever. I hope that you achieve that unselfconscious beauty again but if you don’t, if the shadow stays over your smile and becomes permanent, perhaps that will be a beauty in itself.
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