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The advice is correct. Detox. Get clean. Start fresh. It's clear from your tweets that your current regime is broken. Every time you mention Ambien I shudder. Prescription meds can be dangerous -- that's why they're prescription. Your meds have spiraled out of control. And begin yourself with cutting down on caffeine. Get an instant coffee sub like Caffix or non-caffeinated Nescafe. Mix it 50-50 with your coffee. And start walking. Meander. No plan. Walking generates calm. It aids in the reduction of excessive self-monitoring. It increases appetite. Take a book. Stop in a cafe. Read. Create a zone for yourself apart from your computer. And listen to that shrink. It sounds to me as if she's very correct.
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Oh, Kelly, I'm there with you. Thank God for Jeff. It's so good to know someone really, really cares. Probably the biopsy will return okay. If it doesn't, it appears they've found whatever it is very early, and you and Jeff still have a lot of long walks ahead. R
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Jul 15, 2010