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Awesome!!!!!!! Great job!
Hello, This e-zine is phenomenal! I just learned about it a few weeks ago, and I have read EVERY story on EVERY issue and yes - it is very very inspirational. It feels good to read something that is uplifting, and not putting down our fellow man in the name of sensationalism. If there is any way I can contribute from my end, I would be more than happy! Congratulations on this great venture! Elizabeth Beseka-Nammeh Bloomington, MN
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Wiseman, I would love to take credit for what you're impressed about, but I am not sure it is directed to me, maybe it's to the posting right after mine, it can be confusing at times as to where the writer's name is placed.
Did all four die or was it just BB?
Irresponsibility is what I will call it, not "an epitome of moral probity" like the PM claims! Makes me wonder if the PM too is corrupt since he owns a house too. Pot calling the kettle black.
No! No! No! Ndioro is definitely not "an epitome of moral probity" as quoted above and certainly no exemplary figure for me or any youth to emulate! We do not expect these ministers to build Taj Mahals while in active duty, however, a humble abode under your name is all that is required for a man of that calibre to own. You can go beyond if you can afford it but it is not necessary. A house to call your own, a resting place, a place to unwind or a place to be buried is more or less expected; not owning his own house makes me wonder if this guy was hoping to rise like Elijah did. Is the Prime Minister thus insinuating that all those who own houses are corrupt? Dead or alive, minister or not, corrupt or not, he should have had place to call "my own".
This is really really sad, considering the history of the school and the fact that I am an ex-student.