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Biya rules until death. The SDF has help to give credibility to the CPDM thugs by pretending to be an opposition party in Cameroon, whereas they are a part of the clique.
I have no respect for political feymen nor any type of feymen.
Mr John Fru Ndi, Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle it.
Mr John Fru Ndi, Shut-up!!!! With the resources available in Cameroon could you or your SDF have done any better? Mr Ndi you are known for your attitude of "easy said than done". How could you have handle
Klemenceau, You amaze me. What has the SDF parliamentarians done to the common man in Cameroon? Perhaps we live in different countries, do you call their short visits to their constituencies giving 5000 frs to village heroes, as doing good for the masses? Can you give me an SDF controlled area where a parliamentarian has provided portal drinking water, or electricity or to say the least improve on roads. Many Cameroonians expect to see long lasting legacies of the SDF and it's parliamentarians not the drinks and food most of you will die for when a parliamentarian comes visiting. Playing the CPDM game. I have no bone with Mr Ndi, but for the fact he has messed up the hope of many young Cameroonians like myself who risked everything to support him, and his SDF in the early days .Trivial things makes news in the SDF not Cameroon. I conclude by saying the SDF doesn't have Cameroon and Cameroonains at heart. Its going to be a while for someone to convince many of us to the usefulness of the SDF in Cameroon. We should look for other alternatives.
CORRECTION: "They can't put up ................". All they do is .........
It is with great interest that i watch and read the recent issues arising in the politics of Cameroon. Mr. Biya is playing very well, because he knows the SDF is full of empty vessels. Empty threats and just noise. How many meaningful bills have the SDF parliamentarians succeeded to pass in the parliament all this years? They can put up reasonable arguements to convince the other political parties to vote their proposals. All the do is stage walk outs and shout abuses to ministers and Mr. Biya. Biya will finally bury the SDF, in the coming elections, the SDF can now become "SDF-Fru Ndi Plc".
If the SDF-John Fru Ndi, can't manage elections in it's own party what contribution will it have to Cameroon as a whole?
Peterkins, How much were you paid to come up with this? Or did you just get a few bottles as usual?
Mr. Rexon, You are fond of making useless and baseless allegations on individuals as being CPDM agents and the like. This is often done, when they don't buy your shallow ideas. I write because you wrote at one point identifying me with the CPDM. Let's assume i am CPDM, don't i have a right to make contributions to anything concerning the country? Are you more Cameroonian than any other person in this forum or let me use your Ambasonia. Even, those who have clearly identifies themselves with the Anglophone crisis you still levy attack on them. Mr. Rexon, you have shown a lot of immaturity in this forum and you're becoming more of a nuisance here with your write ups. What did you use to identify me as an agent of the CPDM? You keep on dangling from SCNC to the SDF-Natrikon, exposing confusion in your thoughts. You seem to know all the solutions to the problems facing Cameroon or Anglophone Cameroon. Go ahead and start solving it, when i see just an iota of what you have contributed to Cameroon i will join you. Have a good day.
The SDF-Ntarikon, needs to be schooled on multiparty politics and tolerance in the political field. SDF started all the political violence which is experienced in the country today. In Bamenda, prior to the legalisation of the SDF-Ntarikon, people where stripped because of the t-shirts they wore. For the SDF-Ntarikon, you either go to war or accept multipartism. How many of those who made the empty noises that SDF-Ntarikon could have started a war in 1992, can recognise the sound of a gun, or to the least know how to operate a gun. We are talking of guns not the local things taken to burials in parts of the North West and Western provinces. Though, i condemn the Fon Doh, i think, a more powerful case presented by the persecutor can send him to where he belongs i.e. the Prison. If SDF-Ntarikon leadership is wise enough it should stop all this homicide, it is propagating in the Cameroons today.It may pose a problem, whenever it accends to power ( If at all it will ever), it's going to rule very indiscipline citizens.
Mr. Feli, You are very right in your thoughts and comments. I was just about to ask how much the author was paid to get this to the public. I sometimes see some foible on the editorial team for allow such articles to be published. It's a sham.
Mr. Tayong, I am tempted to respond to you because, you may assume i'm trying to dissociate myself with a previous comment i posted here. Sir, i will never refrain from any statement i have made anywhere and at anytime. I will remain steadfast to the point that the SDF should learn political tolerance from the CPDM. That's a fact, you can ride on singing the praises of "John the Barbarian", it doesn't bring to me the fact that, the SDF is politically tolerant to opposing view from that of it's chairman and his cronies.
Mr. Tayong, Sir, i am not interested in any exchange with you. You better stay focused on your little gibberish write-ups in this forum, than trying to respond to all comments, of which you are not very savvy of. Your exhibition of childish rhetorics is not worth commenting on. Hope i have made my point.
This is really funny. Honestly, i think the coincidence is too much to bear. Mr Fru Ndi, is travelling to Yaounde to respond to a summon on a murder case, and Fon Doh, of the opposing side, is released on bail after being convicted of murder. Who tells me this is not a plan act?
Feli, I read through your comment, sorry, due to other commitments i was just too busy to reply. I guess we're getting something wrong here. Mayors, are public servants, and a public servant can either be an elected or an appointed official, or in other words, a civil service employee. That said, i consider mayors as civil servants (public servants), elected along partisan lines. In the sited case, SDF mayors abandoned their civil duties to the hearing of a case which doesn't DIRECTLY concern their office. If you read well, i tried to keep the parliamentarians out, because parliament is not in session now, they can be spared the wrath. Secondly, if you know the details of the transaction between the French, former Nigerian dictator General Sani Abacha, and Mr. Fru Ndi, i guess you won't make the remark you just made. I will not dwell on that for now. Thirdly, i want to tackle this in a simple form. Mr. Feli, if my 8 year old son goes out to attack someone or kill someone in the name of defending my house, i will not condone such act, especially if done without my consent. I will not spare the rod and spoil my child. I mentioned, if Mr. Fru Ndi, is innocent as he says he is, he should have been the first to condemn the act. His coming to the defense of retired Colonel Chi Ngafor further implicates him in the case, and indicates he had prior information of what was going to happen in Yaounde. In an interview earlier on, Mr. Fru Ndi had openly decleared that; whoever was dealing with the opposing faction was doing so at his/her "RISK". What risk did Mr. Fru Ndi mean, he hasn't given an answer to that. It is only proper with all these information for the PG to charge him with the above crime, except otherwise.
Muki, Why do you think the forces of law and order were assigned to court? Do you think they came to guard Mr. Fru Ndi? Mr. Fru Ndi has been tagged as a very violent politician. The law enforcement officiers were there, incase Mr. Fru Ndi and his officials resorted to their violent act. That is the reality. Mr. Fru Ndi comes to court with all mayors and SDF Parliamentarians. Who will blame the CPDM government when offices are abandoned, during campaigns, when SDF mayors abandon their offices to hear a case of the SDF-Ntatikon chairman. Today, Mr. Fru Ndi is struggling to tell the Cameroonian populance that he is not a murderer, and he hasn't been charged. Look, when Mr. Biya was assumed dead by the media, it was an indication of the wish of some Cameroonians. If Mr. Fru Ndi is charge with murder by the press, it goes to say, it's the wish of some Cameroonians. (the allegation of charging him, still needs to be clarified by the PG). If Mr. Fru Ndi is not in Kondegui with his colleagues, it is simply because the justice system of Cameroon is reluctant, in embarassing certain personalities, which is very wrong. Has Mr. Fru Ndi ever refuted the fact that he sent thugs to Yaounde to attack the SDF secretariat? He has only regreted that fact that someone died and has never really dissociated himself with what happened there. Instead, Mr. Fru Ndi tries to defend retired colonel Chi Ngafor. If Mr. Fru Ndi was clear of all this and was sure he never instructed anyone to attack those in Yaounde he could have been the first to condemn those who carried out the attack, instead of coming to their defence. Any right thinking person will associate him with what happened there after this interview. After speaking to a foreigner who has been following up the political trends in Cameroon since the 70s, he explained his disappointment and loss of respect for Mr. Fru Ndi. Indeed, he hadn't heard, of the incident in which Prof. Ngwasiri's was attacted by Mr. Fru Ndi's thugs, and was really shocked by it. In all, the government of Cameroon has succeeded to exposed Mr. Fru Ndi as a very violent and intolerant politician. What he tries to explain now definitely falls on deaf ears.
Mr. Fru Ndi, to clarify matters could have asked Retired Colonel Chi Ngafor to resign from his position, after making the ridiculous statement which has implicated him, to the Public media. Mr. Fru Ndi didn't find this as anti-party activities, since it wasn't a challenge to his position as the chairman. That said, SDF-Ntarikon is fond of making derogatory statements to despise the authorities of Cameroon. I thought our political platform had grown pass that childish stage. Mr. Fru Ndi is summoned by the PG, and he tells journalist he has come to interview the PG. Is that someone who wants to rule the country despising the institutions of the State? It's as a result of such a statement, made by retired colonel Chi Ngafor that the Mr. Fru Ndi is in court today. If the PG had charged Mr. Fru Ndi with contempt, SDF-Ntarikon could have gone berserk. I think those of you close to Mr. Fru Ndi should advise him, to grow pass that stage. It worked in early 90s, but it doesn't pull the trick this time around. People are more interested in action rather than loud sounding empty noises. I think, with all the numerous cases brought against SDF-Ntarikon, Mr. Fru Ndi should resign from his position.