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Whatever you call yourself,BSCRG,you could be insane.
What a speculation? We all know we have an absentee Head of State when it comes to International issues and sometimes national issues like our Bakassi case where he has never visited.So a PM of Cameroon must be someone who can represent the whole country with sound knowledge of inter state relations.It does not suffice to have a CPDM bullock most suitable for gobernatorial roles to be PM given the international demands. I therefore denounce this speculation very strongly. Ebonylad.
This is a brilliant idea.Let's hope it would be independent and objective. We should not only Publish,but Prosecute and Punish-PPP. Ebonylad.
This is just unacceptable and humiliating to Yaounde's status as a bilingual commonwealth capital and seat of a regional organisation CEMAC.What is the cost benefit to the HC in Accra as compared to Yaounde?This newly so called UK Border Agency seems to be a pain in the ass than anything helpful or good.
The project sounds sensible and supportable.However like other projects,it could be a white elephant issue given the fact that, it is managed by statist legal thieves.
Sweden can be a good case study with its newspaper distribution activities for African students.The truth is bitter but it must be spoken.I am speaking from an empirical perspective but would not comment further.
This is just a tip of the iceburg.To summarise,Paul BIYA must go.The world's greatest dictator.WE HATE HIM N HIS TEAM.
May the souls of the dead Rest In Peace.We are witnessing the developmnents in the world's most corrupt and authoritarian state-Cameroon. Since Democracy cannot work,we need a suicide bombing approach against the regime team.
This Ghanaian press should shut up.Is Agogo or Munchare not sufficient for them?Why didnt they investigate Nkong's family footage who scored against them.This is a similar story with the Equato Guineans and Lauren Etame in 2002. Ebonylad
This Ghanaians press should shut up.Is Agogo or Munchare not sufficient for them?Why didnt they investigate Nkong's family footage who scored against them.This is a similar story with the Equato Guineans and Lauren Etame in 2002. Ebonylad
The findings are scientifically sensible and worthy of actions to be taken fast.Unfortunately,the lives of the people around the disaster area should be on a hanging bar not by their design but because they are governed by a sleeping government. I would personally not be surprised if things turn worse in this disaster area because government actors make no use of knowledge in Cameroon.Everything is centred around patronism,power and witch hunting.
How can we have this magazine in England? Ebonylad-UK rest.
This is rubbish in the name of tradition.It is high time our tradition is adapted to modernity.Illitrates must stop these outrageous and primitive vandalism in the name of tradition. The CBC also has no religious right to baptise children without the parents'consent.Baptism is for mature ones who can make decisions on their own.Children remain under the authority of their parents or state laws. However, the 3 suspects must be punished according to the law for trespassing and orchestrating vandalism on church property. Ebonylad.
I react to this as a victim of UB's grade stiffing policy specifically in the depatment of government by the early 2000s.My gratuating GPA was terribly low which affected my admission into first choice schools.However,I knew my personal potential and remained optimistic and labourous.At PG level in the EU,I excelled in accordance with my potential thereby stupifying the UB GPA scandal which has come to the knowledge of some schools even here in the EU.Those who deserve are being denied of,and those who don't deserve easily surge through when sex is exchanged or money. All these are symptoms of poverty which has brought about,greed,jealousy,laziness,dishonesty, corruption,promoscuity between students and teachers etc. We need to fight against poverty as a starting point. Ebonylad
This can be right because they rob the highway to Democracy and end of poverty. We are still pondering from this end, on a strategy of action against election riggers yet without bloody violence. DOs,SDOs,Mayors,Chiefs,Fons,Ruling elites,Governors are the usual election rigging actors in Cameroon. The law shall rule if not today,one day. Ebonylad.
I appreciate the legal approach of Abeck Akwa.If all the above documents were actually obtained by her before embaking on the contsruction,then the Government Delegate has flawed in his administration. However the cost of the indemnity demanded by her advocates is a little exagerated. We hope for a peaceful settlement though. Ebonylad.
It is time we convert these fruitless conventions into tangible development activities back home.We have our principal town,Buea with just one road from Mile 17 to Police round about.Houses without address numbers,insufficient pipe-born water points,a city without a town hall,delapidating sports infrastructures,delapidating colonial buildings,native Fako students cannot have higher education because of poverty.When we visit home, what do we think about all these? Mola Ebony
This is good for him.But it does not help until we see a Bailiff committee set up to retrieve the stolen money. Without making an overstatement,I would say that every government official(Director or Minister)has indulged in a somewhat similar crime.This goes especially to those who govern for more than 6 years in a particular role.Dear judges,this is an honest allegation you should take into consideration. Ebonylad
In as much as I sympathise with the SDF in a solidarity against as a bad government,I strongly reject the idea of federalism in a context of seccessionist politics in English speaking Cameroon provinces.South West petrol would not solve our problems until we think as one indivisible nation,ruled by God fearing Green Democrats. Ebonylad
ADVICE HOTLINE From the beginning I used to see this forum as a place to express our good visions for a better Cameroon or Southern Cameroon. I am pretty shock to have realised after reading people's articles that,most of us don't write ideas or sence.We counter blast ourselves in a very rude manner.I can understand people's emotions.We should learn to read issues and write ideas. The saying goes 'small minds talk about people,average minds about events and big minds about ideas'.Let us have big minds.Let us try to write very briefly and concisely so as not to bore a fellow reader.When we write,we should imagine that the world reads,and not just bufoons.Let us argue facts with theoretical,practical or current examples so that we can learn.I don't wanna mention names but there are some of us who are most regular,voluminious yet senseless in our writing.We should think about this. Ebonylad.
Dear comrades,I strongly support the expression of your political vision but I would rather suggest it is more of a waterloo battle because of the irrationality in it. Have you first of all unionised NW/SW in other cultural,religious aspects before you can think about a political union?Take a case of the CBC church. I want us to understand something very glaring here about nation-building in Africa.We cannot form a political union between NW and SW based on European linguistic heritage which for the most part we speak pidgin than the English itself.We make ourselves redicles because retiring BLAIR does not see Cameroon as strategic.How many times did he ever call the word Cameroon? A nation can work better between NW and Western Prov based on African cultural background.Bamendji and Santa can be reviewed for what I am trying to say.SW matches closer with the Littoral based on Sandja dressing than the NW.Take a look at the Duala and Bakweri languages,also the Mbo and Bassosi languages.Nation is about a common language or cultural background and not what our colonial masters deceived us ninety years ago.Else I would say that Cameroon between 1884-1917 is the one that we should agitate for to make our political plea more rational. Ebonylad.
Dear EU-Cameroon.It would have been better to express this appeal for Democracy in Cameroon at a Commission meeting in Brussels. Without much ado,we Cameroonians are facing excruciating difficulties in crafting a model democracy for our country which has a relative homogeneity,economic potential,divergent civil society tough behind the window curtains.Without making this story long,we would like the EU to place us under conditions of human rights and the promotion of democratic values when we demand aid. We need a democratic transition to go beyond elections.We need a transition characterised by regime change.Elites should be squashed and let power belong to the masses. That is democracy. Ebonylad.
I don't think we have a president,but we have a disappearing shadow functioning in that capacity.As for the transport 'boss',that is an examplary partisan numskull in the cabinet of knowledgeable men yet with insufficient results.In summary,we don't have leadership at home.It shall come to pass anyway. Ebonylad.
It is obvious to have conflict of intrerest defence in this situation.All parties can be right in their own way. Our gendarme officers can always express forceful bufoonery in this kind of situation other than knowledge. My question would be,where is the transport minister since the beginning of this incident? We have been hearing of communications min and transport secretary of state. Ebonylad
Congratulations boy.You look good in your attire as perhaps in your knowledge. Ebonylad