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Mr. Peterson claims to be a financial planner? He did precious little planning on his own behalf. He'd better hope that none of his clients see this article; they'd drop him like a hot potato.
Mr. Peterson claims to be a financial planner, and yet he got himself into such a predicament? Pretty poor planning, I'd say. He'd better hope that none of his clients see this story; they'd drop him like a hot potato.
“The Zionists are just like the Nazis.” High praise indeed from the Moslems, who generally adore the Nazis.
I do't see any handicapped-accessible foot-baths. Somebody better notify the feds about an ADA violation.
As one observer put it, back in the days of South African apartheid: "South Africa is much like all the other countries of sub-Saharan Africa; it's controlled by a dominant, ruling tribe. The only difference is that in South Africa the ruling tribe is white."
"Murat -- who is unemployed and lives on state welfare benefits ...." So German law is illegitimate, and German courts are illegitimate, but German welfare benefits are just fine. And all of Europe is infested with these deadbeat thugs, millions of them.
Meanwhile, the situation worsens. "The Local" reports that a record number of Swedes emigrated last year -- over 51,000. And: "The immigration figures grew in 2011 as well, with 96,467 arriving in Sweden last year. "While 15,000 of these people were Swedish born [i.e. returnees], the SCB reported that people from Poland, Iraq and Afghanistan were the most common natonalities (sic) of people who immigrated to Sweden in 2011." So, a net of 36,000 Swedes out, and thousands more Moslems in. And all the while, the Swedish birth rate is below replacement levels, while the birth-rate of the Moslems is at 3rd-world levels.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2012 on Stockholm! at Atlas Shrugs
"Breivik compared the Labour Party's youth wing AUF to the Hitler Youth, saying he targetted them on Utoeya because 'most AUFs are naive and indoctrinated.'" Well, he's right about the indoctrination. There's something repulsive about any political party having a "youth wing", whether it's Social Democrats or National Socialists. But that's hardly an excuse to murder 70+ of its members. _______________ "Television and radio were banned from broadcasting his remarks as there had been widespread concerns prior to the trial that Breivik would use his testimony as a platform to spread his Islamophobic and anti-immigration ideology to the masses." Meanwhile, of course, the government is free to use TV and radio to broadcast an Islamophilic and pro-immigration ideology to the masses. Wouldn't want the "masses" to be confused by letting them hear another side to the story.
from a comment by dumbledoresarmy in JihadWatch: From the Swedish edition of The Local "Three of the men, Munir Awad, Omar Abdalla and Mounir Dhahri were arrested in Copenhagen on December 29th, 2010. The men were based in Sweden and had travelled over to Denmark by car the night therefore they were arrested. A fourth, Sahbi Zalouti, was later apprehended by police in Sweden. He was subsequently extradited to Denmark.
Like WarEagle82, I'm wondering how, only 48 hours after being arrested on a whole variety of charges, this punk was not only out of jail, but on a plane for Houston? At least they can add another charge -- jumping bail -- to his long list. I hope the feds can hang on to him better than the Medford police could.
In view of the way the feds dealt with the Branch Davidians, the idea that they were involved in the OKC bombing becomes less far-fetched. By the way, the attack on the Waco compound was in April, 1993, i.e. during the reign of Slick Willie and his accomplice, Reno; not in 1992 as stated in the article.
Surprising that AT would present a piece of communist propaganda like this.
In regard to Swiss neutrality: Switzerland's neutrality was a matter of international law; it had been declared neutral by all the signatories of the Treaty of Vienna in 1815, and successor regimes to those signatories since 1815 had all likewise agreed to the treaty, with the notable exception of Soviet Russia, which renounced all the czarist treaties. Thus Switzerland did not have to declare its neutrality, as Sweden did successfully, and Denmark and the Netherlands did unsuccessfully. Switzerland WAS neutral, period. However, Switzerland could violate its own neutrality, by violating the terms of the treaty, or by tilting its policies too far in favor of one side or another. Thus the treaties forbade the shipment of troops or weapons through Switzerland, and these the Swiss never allowed, while the neutral Swedes did. But other materials could not be forbidden, that would have violated the treaties. For example, Switzerland could not allow a trainload of tanks through Switzerland from Germany to Italy -- those were weapons. But a trainload of diesel engines could be shipped, and in fact had to be allowed, because engines were not weapons, even though it was highly likely they'd be used to power tanks or submarines. Similarly, German troops, in uniform and with their rifles, could not be transported across Switzerland, but Germans in civilian clothes, with civilian passports and without weapons, could be -- even if they actually were soldiers. Ths Swiss were fully prepared to defend their country if necessary. At the start of the war, Switzerland declared mobilization and a state of emergency; by Sept. 3, over 600,000 men were at their posts, armed. The Nazis gave up any idea of conquering Switzerland (at least until all other adversaries had been dealt with) when the German general staff advised them of how difficult it would be, and how many casualties it would cost. Switzerland would not have been a walk-over, like Denmark and the Netherlands.
"The Holocaust, while it was a German initiative, was carried out by every nation in Europe, save for the Danes. Denmark saved its Jews." Every nation? Not quite. Even limiting the discussion to continental countries, neutral Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal did not take part. It was Sweden that took in the Danish Jews. And Franco's Spain took in even more Jewish refugees. Spain was the safest place in Europe for the Jews during the war. Also, Italy and Hungary, despite being fascist states and allies of Germany, protected their Jews as long as their national governments were in charge. Only near the end of the war, when the Nazis overthrew the national governments and took direct control, did the Holocaust reach Italian and Hungarian Jews.
I'm a Christian who owns a series of billboards along I-41. The local Moslem butcher, Ali Khat [Ali's Fine Meats -- "100% Halal Guaranteed"] refuses to buy any advertising on any of my signs. I think the feds should force him to do so. Do I have a case?
I'm thinking that there'e more than meets the eye about the Moslems' agitation about Lowe's. Many other companies have also withdrawn their advertising for AAM: Sears, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, GM, Bank of America, and Goodyear among them. So why is Lowe's being singled out? Since the Saudis are the main backers of the propaganda and litigation jihads, I assume that Lowe's has offended the Saudis in some way that the other advertisers have not.
And how many of these Moslem "refugees" have been taken in by the Saudis and the other stinking-rich oil states of the Persian Gulf? Surely they'd feel much more comfortable there among their co-religionists than among a bunch of nasty infidels in the U.S.
In fairness to the FBI I note one comment on this affair that pointed out that federal law does not allow conspiracy charges to be brought against a single person, while NY law does. So probably it was best to leave things to the NYPD.
I see that Farouk is wearing the ruby slippers. I wonder what he did to Dorothy to get them.
"The Holocaust, while it was a German initiative, was carried out by every nation in Europe, save for the Danes." Not quite. Spain never carried it out, and instead Spain accepted more Jewish refugees than any other European country. Neither Italy nor Hungary, while under their own governments, allowed the Nazis to take their Jewish citizens. Note that all three of the countries were under fascist governments. So it would seem that fascist countries had a better record in regard to the Holocaust than the democratic ones.
Only 175,000 extra copies? They ought to print a couple million more!
"Time" magazine has just offended me; so according to its man Crumley, I'm justified in fire-bombing its offices.
The radio report I heard said that a number of known terrorists have been tracked into the country, and were believed to have rented a couple of trucks like those from Hertz or U-Haul.
We've given arms to Mexican terrorist-drug gangs, and arms to Libyan Moslem terrorists. Who's next? Maybe the Somali pirates? Or the genocidal Sudanese government?