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E.C. Henry
Kingsport, TN
Screenwriter and novelist
Interests: Screenwriting, novel writing, the bible, growing spiritually and honoring Jesus Christ, Budweiser USED to be my favorite drink but these days I'm working on sobriety.
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Jeanie, you are full of shit. It's a Wonderful Life has NO leftist messages; rather, it is a beloved story -- by some, not me -- of finding hoping in the Christmas season. If you hold me in low regard, why bother commenting on my blogsite? This is a place to have some fun and discuss content that I post about. Insulting the host isn't the way to go. You need to learn BASIC DECORUM.
Good morning, Jeanie. I did read your comment last night, but was playing cards with my mom and brother so I couldn't comment. Disagree with your sentiments that Hollywood execs only care about money. In today's warped culture woke ideology and practice is what Hollywood decision makers care about more than making money or making good movies. As far as conservative leaning movies, there have been quite a few of them in the theaters: Top Gun: Maverick Mission Impossible: 7 Father Stu Redeeming Love All come to mind. The bad box office is a DIRECT REFLECTION of the bad leadership in Hollywood today. The longer they embrace woke ideology and the Democratic party, the further down movies go. They are the makers of their own demise. They're the ones making and promoting this rubbish.
Well, we're at Memorial Day weekend, 2024; and typically this is high season for the movie box office in the U.S. Feels like over the past 5 years or so, this hype has really been missing. There are several factors for that, imo. This year, I actually did pay to... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Hello yet again, Maude! With all this banter that you keep besieging me with concerning Fiona Apple, I did listen to a couple of her songs. I would agree that she has a servicable to good voice. Probably a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10. Her overall music is complete crap, however. So whatever's there in her vocals gets overshadowed by her poor choice in its application. Definite victim of 10-cent-head syndrome. All the Grammy wins in the world don't mean anything if your end product is crap, which hers is. Winning a Grammy means NOTHING. Music is an individually grading art. I don't outsource my thinking to the Grammy people. If they wanna promote shit, that's on them. Fiona Apple is shit music. Maybe someday she'll put it together and make something of merrit, but not so far. That said, I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga's music either, but I gotta say that woman has a gifted voice when she applies it properly. Point: your gift and abilities matter in the way you apply or misapply it. Check out Christine Dente's music. She is such such a gifted singer. "The One I've Been Waiting For". I actually used that song in the soundtrack for one the early spec. scripts I wrote, "Revenge of the Fat Chicks".
Why hello there again, Maude. I've seen Magnolia, and it's a really, really BAD movie, imo. The stuff with the plagues of frogs at the end was over-the-top bad; and was the worst payoff in the history of movies that are slow burns as they steadily raise the dramatic tension. Absolute ridiculous ending. I was shocked an actor like Tom Cruise was in it. Worst movie of his career. Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood were both much better movies than the cringe-worthy Magnolia. I guess Fiona Apple is an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question, but in the greater discussion of the greatest female rocker or voice of all time, doesn't merit serious consideration. Even in looking at what other people considered the best female vocalist of all-time, Fiona Apple is never mention in upper echelon of female voices.
Good morning, Maude. Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment. I'm not familiar with Fiona Apple. The lyrics you sited were pretty profane. Maybe it's best I don't know what she's doing. Today's music has really gone south. Ever heard of the act "Doja Cat"? Totally demonic and given over to the devil. I watched her video for "Paint the Town Red." In it she embraces a devil and sings in allegiance to demons. Chistine Dente is THE BEST female singer of all-time. Listen to some of Out of the Grey's songs and I think you'll come along to the same manner of reasoning. Heavenly voices >>>> those who lend their support to demonic causes
Anne Wilson of the Rock band, Heart Would love to talk a lot about this lady, but truth be told I never got into Heart's music as a kid. Also, after reading her story, there's NOTHING I want to talk about her. But in listening to Heart's music -- which... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2024 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Thanks fore dropping by and leaving a note, Debra Katz! Interesting stuff too -- with you being related to one of that movie's credited writers, Scott Neustadter. It's been a while since I saw this movie so it's no longer "fresh" on my mind -- but I remember I liked it! ;)
Good morning, Viv! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to drop a comment. Recently I've been studying the prophetic books of Daniel and Ezekiel in the bible. LOVE what's written in Ezekiel 14: 14 and 20 ""even though these three men, Noah, Daniel and Job were in its midst, by their own righteousness they could only deliver themselves," declares the Lord God." Point: We all either chose salvation for ourselves. Never was much of a fan of Alice Cooper. His antics never appealed to me. If he's truly a follower of Jesus -- good on him, though you wouldn't know that by the personna he's built up for himself.
For the past two months I've been going to my church on Monday mornings in devoted prayer. I originally started doing this in hopes of meeting people. Unfortunately I'm the only one whose shown up for this, YET it is on the church calendar as an event, every Monday morning,... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2024 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Ahhh, Motley Crue, the heavy-metal band that rose to prominence in the 1980s. There was time when they were a role model of sorts for me, never had the same hook as Def Leppard had; but there was a time when I admired them. Admired them so much that I... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2024 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Good morning, Anne. No, I haven't watched the Saturday Night Live episode where Taylor Swift sings with Pete Davidson. I stopped watching Saturday Night Live many years ago. It just stopped being funny. If you find any tracks on The Tortured Poets Department you like, let me know. I sampled them all but only thought three were good enough to add to my music: So High School, The Tortured Poets Department, and I Can Do It with a Broken Heart(which is my favorite song right now).
Hey Anne, Thanks for checking out my blog. Taylor Swift really comes across as a friendly celebrity. Glad Steven Colbert likes her. Not interested in that group you mentioned. Have you listened to T.S. latest album, The Tortured Artists Department? What's your favorite track on it? As me, I've got I Can Do It With a Broken Heart on repeat. It's so good. Taylor Swift is so good and entertaining when she allows herself to be. I'm so in love with her!
IRS, This post is about Taylor Swift not that group you mentioned. If I were you, I'd go to iTunes and buy three tracks of Taylor Swift's latest album, The Tortured Poets Department: I Can Do It with a Broken Heart, So High School, and the title track. Taylor Swift is such a wonderful talent. Whatever she does in life artistically is done with excellence. Focus on her, not has has-been group from the past that wasn't even good when they were in their prime -- thirty plus YEARS ago.
Good morning Lee, Gunna have to push back HEAVILY on your TRITE assessment of the GREAT Carson Reeves. He is far from a "weird reactionary", as you pigeon holed him as. He's a script evaluator with ambitions of becoming a movie producer. Carson Reeves is a GREAT guy. Carson Reeves is funny. Carson Reeves is witty. Carson Reeves has a passion for breaking down stories. Carson Reeves is well read. Carson Reeves is committed, and by that I mean he's steady cranking out content evaluating stories and happening in the Entertainment Industry. I can't say enough good things about the guy. He is one of my favorite people on the planet. So spend more time over at his Scriptshadow site. I think you'll love it. And you'll probably make some friends. :)
Lee, I'm happiest when I'm writing rom-com material. Delving into politics BORES ME. Just because I'm a writer doesn't mean all topic interest or engage with me. If you're so gung-ho on this movie you should skip on over to Carson Reeves' Scriptshadow site where today: Monday, April 15th; it's the featured movie on one of his posts. Your idea of something special is obviously different than mine. Last movie I really liked was Redeeming Love. Recently, I thought Ridley Scott's Napoleon was pretty good. Didn't like Sydney Sweeny's Anyone But You so it's not like I give all rom-com material a free pass.
Lee, You may as well tell me what the compelling reason that brings Texas and California to union, because I'm not going to see that movie. As for the "hard hitting truths" I alluded to, that's up to you to decipher. I'm not going to start expounding on my political beliefs in the comment thread. You're the one who brought up this movie, not me.
Lee, I hove NO INTEREST in seeing Alex Garland's Civil War movie. I get that it's topical and on most people's minds, the severe political divide in America right now. Huge fan of Alex Garland as a creative force. 28 Days Later... is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. And I'm interested in seeing how Alex picks up the mantle and writes on in again some 20+ years later. But his latest doesn't interest me. When I heard California and Texas were united I just mentally wrote the whole thing thing off. I guess Alex is trying to put some distance between the hard hitting truth. I've never looked to the movies to stir political conversations. Rather, I go the news, pray, and form my own opinions. As fellow creative in my own way, I try to entertain all: liberals and conservatives. Politically, I find find most issues easy to sort out, and find it very easy who to support and who to not to.
This is effervescence personified: Jennifer Garner's BRILLIANT portrayal of "Jenna Rink" in 13 Going on 30 (2004). That gem of a rom-com which ranks in my top four. When it comes to E.C. Henry I see the best romantic comedies off all time being the clear favorites of: While You... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2024 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Luba, My blogsite is place where the name of Jesus is exhalted. I love the Lord. Faith in Jesus is my cornerstone. Those with pagan attitudes are welcome here, by I will never advance ANY godless mindset or livelihood. I will never condone or be onboard with atheism. Especially not when the thing of god are made evident to all, so that all mankind is without excuse. I never claimed to be a prophet. You made that up. I'm just a child of God, who LOVES the Lord!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2024 on Treehouse at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Luba, you should always seek favor from your mother. One of the 10 commandments is to honor your mother and father. Pleasing God should be EVERYONE'S ultimate aim. Do you care about getting favor from God?
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2024 on Treehouse at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Farzeneh, Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to drop a comment. Wish it was more CONTENT based, but I have no control over what what people react to and what they don't. As for Colin O'Brien, the guy had the gall to ask me to stop responding to him over at Scriptshadow, which I did. Then the guy starts talking shit about me to other people on that site. I don't control what people say, or how they treat other people; but I can control what I pay attention to. After Colin O'Brien started behaving that way, I had enough and made it so I didn't have to see his comments anymore on a site that I don't control content on. I thought about outright deleting everything he says here, but I'm a Christian. Thus, I'm active participant in the practice of repentance. So I have to allow a forum for the guy to repent -- if he ever comes to that point.
When I was a kid, I had a treehouse. It was nothing fancy like the featured image at the beginning of this post, just a couple of platforms on a big oak tree with boards nailed as a ladder so you could climb up to it. I used galzanized "spike"... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2024 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Well, Colin O'Brien, at least you know what's expected of you. Good-bye.
Colin O'Brien, You owe me an apology for the way you treated me at Scriptshadow. Until that happens I have nothing to say to you.