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E.C. Henry
Kingsport, TN
Screenwriter and novelist
Interests: Screenwriting, novel writing, the bible, growing spiritually and honoring Jesus Christ, Budweiser USED to be my favorite drink but these days I'm working on sobriety.
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Brightest face in the summer movie season of 2023? That's easy, Margot Robbie as Barbie. I was going over the movie releases due out for the summer of 2023. Since the summer looked SO BAD I went all the way through the rest of the year too. Wow, do things... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
This is the copyright protected map of where about 80% of the action in the five book series takes place I originally drew this map out of yellow poster board sometime back in the mid 90s, then wrote a scaled down version of his this map for the novels back... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Life doesn't just happen at one, constant speed. There are patches of one's life that are exciting, and there are plenty of boring patches where nothing much of interest happens. Right now I'm at one of those slow times. I think there's only ONE place in my life were I... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Well, not the response I was expecting, I'll give you that. I am mad at you. You're a person I don't even know, and without me knowing anything about you, you decided to insult me twice on my blog. As far as "fixing it", I think there is huge disconnect between us. Why are you even on my blog to begin with? What are you trying to accomplish?
You don't get to talk to like that on my own blog. Crawl back to whatever hole you came from -- and don't come back!
I don't buy it, Nicole. First order of business is I need to know what group you're affiliated with. You need to tell me.
Hey, Nicole, what do you mean by saying "us"? What group are you affiliated with?
As promised, here's that follow-up post on ranking all the characters that I've had so far in my Celebrating Characters in Cinema Series. So far there's been ten of them. One is based on are career retrospective that just impressed me. For the remaining nine: six are from feature films,... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Is this character living his best life? Character arcs. What are they? And how are they important? Oh, and I see you titled this post Rick Dalton; Celebrating Characters in Cinema: Volume X, so I thought that was the subject of this post? Well, kids we're doing something a little... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Well, I'm back to part of my story where I'm leaving one climbed mountain and attempting to scale another. Only at this time and place, the new mountain is one I've been on and off for some 30+ years. Time to put away the duckling script and pick-up the epic... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Lillian, You should visit Taylor Swift's website and post this request of yours there. She's a very generous person, and given the fact you're doing something flattering unto her I'm sure she, one of her assistants, or maybe her own mother would give you everything and more that you're looking for. Look forward to visiting your display when its up and running, as I'm a HUGE fan of T.S. and even have her State of Grace song as the ringtone on my phone. Good luck on your NOBLE quest. ;) - E.C. Henry from Kingsport, TN
Hey, Penny, thanks for visiting my blogsite and choosing to leave a comment. :) I consider myself a VERY SOCIAL writer. I love talking to people. So, yeah, if I ever reached super-status I most assuredly would interact with them. As far as "find love" goes. Love is where you find it. It's a pretty allusive thing from my perspective of being 53 and single, so I PRIZE it wherever I find it. I'd love to find a lover that I could bring into my writing and have her be a cowriter with me. I think think whoever you couple with your worlds need to blend and not be exclusive. Exclusitivity is a big risk in a relationship and is NOT the way God designed it to be. Would I ever "date" a fan? Yeah, sure why not? Love is where you find it.
Hey GTO! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a response. The ex-groupie claimed to have had a hook-up with the drummer from Metallica. I didn't press her for further details. From what she has shared with me, she's lived a very sordid life.
Handing over the keys to a script I've written is never any easy thing for me to do. For the past four months I have been working real hard at writing then perfecting my first animated feature. And though I filed for copywrite protection, and got a paid script evaluation... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Creator meets creation : E.C. Henry and his script! Well-p, I did it! Spec. script #30 is in the books. Dilly of a Duckling's Dally; my first animated comedy; is written. All 115 pages of it. Really hoped to have it done by St. Patrick's Day, as this story mostly... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Hello Stefan, Those are some awfully WEIRD things you're saying about Taylor Swift. What she does with her life is her business. She's such a phenominal talent, and has so many good songs. I always hope the best for her. She's such a GREAT TALENT. Acting, music; whatever she does it's usually excellent. Wherever the road takes her, I'll always be one her biggest fans. There is so much to like about Taylor Swift.
Thanks for taking the time to drop a line at my blogsite, Joy. NO, I haven't seen Everything Everywhere All At Once, yet. Right now I'm working on editing my FIRST animated feature. Writing it in Lit Expression. Some of the pages look real cool. In another post I featured the 1st page I wrote. You should check it out. XOXO, E.C. Henry from Kingsport, TN
Hi, Ramona! Thanks for visiting my blogsite. I don't make anything out Donald Trump's upcoming trial. It's a travesty for sure. What I make are screenplays and novels. I'm more of an artist than a great, political mind. That said, this is Easter week, have you made you peace with Jesus? With how dark things are right now, it's a good idea to make your peace with the Lord before the country collapses, and we get nuked. These are scary times were in so stay strong in the faith.
Good morning, Kim. Sounds like you're in a little better mood today -- 'bout time! I'm a writer, which means I rewrite and try to improve drafts of my work. All. The. Time. Lit Expression is an experimental art form. I really liked the way the mature ducks turned out in Lit Expression on the 1st page of Dilly of the Duckling's Dally. Not so sold on the bright green for "slimed" so that may change. What was posted wasn't a screenshot, btw. It was a .pdf file converted to .jpg format and then cropped. When you change file types like that colors tend to blur, just so you know. Any more critiques or ideas for how the story can be better, I'm all ears. Always looking to improve the story. No reason you can't be a part of that. May God bless you, I hope you have a good day!
Ouch! Always a risk when you put yourself out there. As a writer you're always looking for what works and what doesn't. One aspect of page one that I really liked was how the salamander got "expressed" on page one. That's definitely going to stay through the rewrite process. Don't know enough about you to know where you're coming from, Kim. But if you care to articulate your thoughts further -- even if they're all negative -- I'm all ears. I'm probably about two weeks away from having the script all the way done. So far I'm real proud of how it's turning out. Including the 1st page! Will probably change a few aspect of the lit expression on the 1st page, but action shouldn't change much. I want to start with the parents of the ducklings there in the marsh at the moment of their clutch's birth.
Hope to have the whole script ready to show soon, but for now there's the first page as it exists in the script. Having a blast writing this. Dilly of a Duckling's Dally Genre: Animated Comedy Logline: Abandoned by his flock at a state park that has predators that want... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Juan De La Cruz, settle down. I know the scriptures VERY WELL, and don't need a lecture from you on them. Let's start there. Secondly, I have a BRAIN of my own, and can THINK and REASON. If you can't think outside the box, you're up against it -- especially when conversing with me. God is much more diverse and welcome to people who can think and reason so long as they fear Him, which I do. I love the Lord, and don't need to prove that to you.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Evelyn. I've heard nothing but good things about Everything Everywhere All at Once. Will TRY to stream it tonight. Last night I tried to find The Banshees of Insherin, and The Fablemans; but both were unavailable for a free stream on-line. So far the only one of the 10 that I feel is worth of best picture of the year is Avatar: The Way of Water. HUGE James Cameron fan. But maybe Everything Everywhere All at Once lives up to the hype. Time to edit Dilly of the Duckling for the next 4/5 hours THEN I'll try to end the day with a "reward" of watching that show.
1. Avatar: the Way of Water; 7.5 2. Top Gun: Maverick; 6.0 3. Everything Everywhere All at Once; (projected) 5.0 4. The Banshees of Inisherin; (projected). 4.5 5. All Quiet on the Western Front; 3.5 6. Women Talking; 3.0 7. Elvis; (projected) 2.5 8. The Fablemans; (projected) 1.5 9. Tár;... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry
So was this -- My reaction to seeing the Cate Blanchette headlined movie Tár (2022)? Hardly. Though I did go into watching it last night with fairly high expectations. One of the scripts on my "docket" to write was actually a story about a downcast composer who was suicidal and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2023 at Inside the Brain of E.C. Henry