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T.J. Eckleburg
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"I seriously do not understand how anyone who does not anchor himself to these ideological docks could nonetheless find something left over in the spectacle to get excited about." Really? Its either ideology or conformity for the sake or propagating heteronormativity? Millions of people watch and enjoy football and the superbowl and ALL of them fit into one or the other hypothesis? Thousands of gambling addicts are insulted. You will not be marginalized for not watching the superbowl or any other sporting event unless you choose to marginalize yourself by making sweeping negative assumptions about those that choose to watch the superbowl. But hey, some people enjoy football and some people enjoy invented persecution. Whatever blows your hair back...
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2012 on Superbowl Spleen at Justin Erik Halldór Smith
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Feb 5, 2012