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Brilliant, as usual. Years ago, when I first heard the term "Salesforce Automation," I couldn't help but substitute the term "Salesforce Automaton," as my brain immediately conjured up visions of droid-like salespeople moving about and talking like the robot from Lost in Space. I have too much respect for those who excel at sales to suggest that salespeople can be automated, as the "automation" term connotes. Back then, it was the IT people in the company who were leading the charge of designing and implementing these systems. At least the people who are bringing in marketing automation (MA) systems, are mainly the marketers themselves, perhaps with IT at the table. But beware the technological panacea as substitute for the value of the right brain in impacting business results. I prefer think of MA more like a marketing value chain management system. Marketing Automation? "Danger, Will Robinson!"
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Jan 3, 2012