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The Grist article is a bit of fun, but the good stuff lies in the comments, one of which explains the inevitability of geo-engineering. One could put the argument another way though, and that is with the burning of coal we are already doing detrimental g.e. , what we need is to stop burning and do beneficial engineering of the atmosphere.
Thanks Niven for the chance to comment. Firstly I would say Ranyl's little piece above is spot on, correct. He could have added that we need a revolution and to be fair a socialist revolution. However the reason I write is that I have seen it suggested that Niven believes slashing carbon emissions may be the way to solve the weather extremes already present because of the huge loss of Arctic sea ice. AMEG insists otherwise, not that we should not halt emissions, but that we must quickly cool the Arctic to stop these extremes and the subsequent unstoppable methane releases which are expected to follow summer a sea ice free Arctic, and this means geo-engineering. Neven do you agree with AMEG on this point?
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Nov 18, 2012