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"It is this vision of a continuing crusade and of resistance to it that has suddenly and spectacularly forced itself on the world outside." Casper Gutman, a villain in Dashiell Hammett's "The Maltese Falcon," dismissed the Crusades, or the Holy Wars, "was largely a matter of loot," when he reveals... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2013 at Skeen66's blog
Who the hell flies Egypt Air? Do the stewardesses wear burqa? Halal food served exclusviely? Is there an arse-lifting room next to the loo? Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2013 at Skeen66's blog
Here's something that buttresses the idea that Jill Kelley is a Putin mole exploited by Obama with full knowledge of her capacity to do damage control over Benghazi. I'm betting also that she is a sleep-around skank who has her claws in officers at MacDill AFB and beyond. Notice the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2012 at Skeen66's blog
If what she says is true, what I say about the ordeal stands. Islam is still a drooling beast. This statement by Logan is dated the day CBS released the (vague) story and the photograph of Logan in Tahrir Square. Visiting CBS's site, I saw not a peep about the attack, just some yadda yadda Couric-style opinions on Egypt's future. No other broadcaster site I visited mentioned Logan at all. Ed
I do get tired of reading some of the commentators' remarks above that Lara Logan's attack by those "freedom-loving" Muslims isn't anything special, because rapes are occurring all the time. What myopia! The attack on Logan was an attack on the West, on everything great about it. She was as much a symbol for everything Islam and Muslims hate about the West. Islam inculcates a pathological hatred of the good for being the good. That is Islam’s method and end – to defile, to degrade, to destroy. Look at the nearest Muslim in your neighborhood: Is that the apex of living on earth? That’s it? A fool who bows to a rock five times a day? I suggest that you read my commentary on the significance of the bestial attack on Logan in my Rule of Reason commentary, “Lara Logan and the Drooling Beast.” This commentary is being picked up all over the place. Islam is a drooling beast. You can say that about any rapist. But can you say that about a religion? About one that sanctions such brutality, such hatred? Logan didn’t find herself and her crew in the midst of a “dangerous element” of “200 men.” That whole square was the dangerous element. And videos were made of her ordeal, and are being circulated in the Mideast for the pleasure of Saudis, Palestinians, Iranians, and other Egyptians. Logan is lucky that these videos are not snuff-films, in which women are raped and then strangled to death. Logan was merely foolhardy in wading into that maelstrom of maddened Muslims. CBS and the whole MSM, however, are contemptible in their treatment of the incident. To hell with Egypt. Mubarak might have been a dictator, but at least he knew how to keep the savages in line. And anyone who claims that the Egyptians were celebrating “freedom” is absolutely clueless about the nature of any Arab society. Obama’s endorsement of the Egyptian “revolution” should be evidence enough to doubt what the Egyptians are really after: just a kinder, gentler master. Americans are faced with two drooling beasts: Islam, which means to conquer the U.S., and our own president and Congress.
What you Brits ought to do is organize a national campaign to encourage people to boycott any veil-wearing Muslim women who attempt to engage in any civil or public transactions, to refuse to have any dealings with them. Organize a campaign of discrimination against them. These self-effacing manques will then... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2010 at Skeen66's blog