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Ed Costello
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I don’t have any name suggestions, sorry, but as a long–time reader I have a couple web/SEO suggestions: - interrogate their web team to find out how the redirect is going to work. i/e are they going to redirect article for article or just everything from to (whatever your URL ends up being) - I really, really, really recommend setting up if you don't have it, or or whatever you want as a permanent archive of your articles online and put a backup of this current site there - backup, backup, backup this site, somewhere, somehow, but make sure you have all of your articles somewhere Too many times I’ve seen various bloggers totally LOSE their identity and presence online during such a shift. They disappear from Google's index because the content doesn't get moved correctly, or the new site doesn't include the name/article titles as prominently. The old site (typepad in the case) doesn't necessarily give much granularity to handle redirects. Data gets lost. Just…congratulations on the move, but take a moment and think of various worse case scenarios and make sure you’re covered.
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Feb 23, 2010