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She’s a Republican and in my experience Republicans tend to be conservatives and conservatives tend to be authoritarians. Studies back this up. And Conservatives, Authoritarians and Republican all tend to be racists. Especially the ones who love guns.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2018 on Peak Republican. Three. at Lance Mannion
"authoritarianism requires a ruthless sort of competence that Trump cannot attain." - It sounds like Msgr. Douthat actually wants Mussolini. "I knew Mussolini and you're no Mussolini". And the racism is so glossed over. I submit that John Rogers' 27% Crazification factor is actually those single issue voters for which White Supremacy is the issue. Obama vs Keyes? What possible issue could Keyes be better on than Obama? Only 1 - white supremacy. 27% thought Trump "won" the debate? How? I rest my case
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Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2016 on Rosé Vermouth at The Bitten Word
He hasn’t yet, that I can think of, played a doctor or a teacher. In Saving Private Ryan, Capt Miller "had been employed at Thomas Alva Edison High School in Addley, Pennsylvania. He then taught English composition since 1933. Miller was married and was also the coach of the local baseball team in the Spring." So he is a teacher who is currently a soldier???
The responses are incredibly dumb ( I'm not really into the Twitter). The right wingers are really angry about poor people being able to go to the doctor. Like so angry they should see a mental health professional.
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Like a low rent More like a small. No RSS feed for feedly. So no, probably not for me anyways.
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The GOP are just shitty, racist, hypocrites. They love *their* children, but hate the poor, hate brown people. Immigration will hasten the day that they lose power for good ( civil war part 2 ).
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2014 on More Immigration Please at Whiskey Fire
So could there be a citizen-led referendum to amend the constitution to allow citizen-led referendums? That would be structural and procedural, yes? ZORN REPLY -- First, no, it would be beyond the scope of the provision which specifies "limited." Second, I'm not so sure opening things up to a California-style referendum system is all that great an idea.
I always use this recipe from cooking for engineers - We usually buy salmon from costco and grill it. We cut off the small, thin end because it would get overcooked anyway. The recipe from the site above has always worked well - sometime the real thin parts get harder like salmon jerky - but always delicious. Give it a shot!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2014 on Kitchen Fail: Gravlax at The Bitten Word
#Occupy was all about inequality. But it too often ended in arrests and pepper spray. It did change the subject away from "entitlement reform (i.e. granny starving cuts), but what else did it achieve? The Right wing has done a masterful job of using religion and racism to get people to vote against their own interests and/or to get people to believe that they shouldn't bother (although Third-Way Democrats have helped a LOT with the latter). What do we need? Pitchforks??
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Dubious? I can live with that.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2013 on Technological Marvels of Our Age at Whiskey Fire
Scouts ( and leaders ) are all trained in "Leave No Trace" - - these guys are a disgrace. They are poster children for the "Ugly Americans" who treat the world as their garbage can. Blame these idiots, not the scouts. I especially like that he is filing lawsuits for disability, while still able to climb rock formations - and destroy them. It's a horrible shame because the rock formations are incredible.
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There are "low-information" voters ( aka idiots ) who need to know who is going to win because they don't want to vote for the loser - and thus be tainted by the loser-ish-ness. So to them, the horserace is really all there is.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on The Storm and the Horse-Race at Obsidian Wings
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RSS all the way for me
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"Donuty" - literally made me spit on the screen. Well done.
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