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Personally, I think this article is a very sad indication of the direction our industry is headed. It's pretty bad when, in order to make money, you are forced to teach your own clients and potential clients how to do what you do at home. I loved this statement..."The mechanics of an art or craft can be easily taught, but true artistry comes from technical knowledge married to innate talent and total dedication to a craft."... The problem is that today, "artistry" has little to do with technical knowledge, innate talent or dedication to a craft. The "photographer" of today just wants to know where the (p) button is and what actions to buy. Sadly, those "photographers" are the ones that are doing much of the teaching. Just look on Facebook or so many websites. The ones that know so little, yet call themselves Rockstars are the ones that are now teaching and mentoring as a way to make money.
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Jul 30, 2011
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Apr 2, 2011