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Hello; I'm Eddy LaBarr in Montrose, Colorado, with links to our site and a warm human interest story regarding our experiences with the ruthless Drug Enforcement Administration. From 1986 to 1993, after more than 400 incidents of harassment we were forced to purchase Soviet Starlight night vision equipment to identify a group of trespassers who were routinely hanging out around our bedroom windows at night. The mixed, multi-agency group would have loose, normal voice level conversations and commentaries about what my wife and I were doing in bed. This disgusting practice had been ongoing at the rate of 3 - 4 times per week since around 1986 when our law enforcement agencies began accruing massive allotments of thermal Infrared equipment and began training on civilians. We couldn't ever catch them and their illegal activities were causing problems inside our household as our parental attentions came to be diverted towards stopping trespassers instead of just enjoying life and raising kids. Montrose, Colorado is a little town located on the sparsely populated Western side of this state and had a population of around 7000 at the time of this incident. It has always had a massive over-staffed, over-budgeted police apparatus with relatively nothing to do and a big Drug War agenda. Illegal trespassing and Peeping Tom activities came to be so bad that we actually had to leave the area for several months during the peak of these events. We returned to our home with our Soviet Starlight unit: , which was a major investment for us and caught the entire group 6 days later as they were routinely trespassing. The first person identified was an investigator with the local Sheriff's department whom we knew along with 8 - 12 others, all wearing flat black suits or dark clothing. We were actually savoring this experience as a long overdue closure of sorts was taking place in our 7 year long trespassing investigation. We were unaware of how dangerous police can be when they are busted in an illegal act. The morning after our first encounter; July 1st, 1993, 6:00 AM: As the sun was rising I did a 360 sweep with our scope and noticed a group of around 6 persons atop one of our cowsheds; 4 Mexicans wearing loose, baggy white clothes and 2 others with Khaki shirts which had black flaps on the pockets, who were setting up a pyramid shaped pup-tent frame. Then they pitched a tarp over it which looked like the bright side of Tin-Foil and had a distinct UV or black light colored band around it about 2/3 the way up from the bottom. Within a few minutes events were beginning to transpire at a startling rate including sharpshooters sprinting onto the property and one with a pistol who had lined up a two-for-one headshot -my wife and I. I recall the initial scene as I showed my wife exactly what was going on and seeing her keen interest, and then seeing her go into shock in less than a minute. We spent the next 72 hours at split second gunpoint. Being forced to observe this system, our complaints thereafter had the appearance of paranoia or related mental symptoms. Looking back at the cowshed, their UV pyramid device seemed to have disappeared, literally. Once assembled in sunlight the viewer with unaided eyes can see what's behind the device, yet it is seen as clear as day with the UV filters and light amplification of the starlight scope, along with their personnel. Also, with this system; razor sharp images of their personnel and equipment can be viewed on plate glass windows (not mirrors) -with nothing seen at the sight where the reflection indicates. . I'm an electronics engineer and Ham radio operator and knew that when I understood why their ambient images could be viewed on plate glass -and not mirrors, I'd understand their system. That process took about 18 months and we filed our results with the U.S. Attorney General who responded with a one-line form letter. We were followed around by these personnel who subjected us to endless spectacles and were standing on the hoods and roofs of our vehicles filming and harassing us. The theory of how this all works is outlined on our site and we are now out to sell our story to film makers. We have certified that nothing in our story or on our site is classified nor of any security concerns to the U.S. Govt. It is our belief that this system has been given to all of the NATO governments for usage on their civilians. It almost seems like this was once a Masonic device, but we're not Masons... The level or disinterest and non-concern sort of suggested a cover up and It wasn't until over a decade later that we figured out that the pyramid device we saw had most likely been illegally taken out of Cheyenne Mountain, a major Air Force facility 200 miles away. There is a "psychic efficacy associated with this device: Let us know if your interested in an interview or want more info on anything that's not already on our site. Eddy LaBarr Montrose, CO
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