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John Edelson
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Hi. I like the pushup challenge. I think I'll see how many I can do consecutively. (I stopped at 35 since...that's enough for me right now). For my karate school, we sometimes do 100 either in four groups of twenty five or five groups of twenty (which I prefer). I just put up a video of board breaking which I thought was surprisingly emotional. So I'm beating the drum to see what others think. would you take a look?
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Teri, I'm a total believer. Early on, my family adopted the "lets go for a walk" habbit. On big family occassions like Thanksgiving, cousins and I would go for walks after the meals. We now have a dog and I try to drag a kid out with me each evening. Mostly, it's successful and popular (it's also done while the others are doing dishes after the meal so that might help. lol. Walking has health benefits in terms of fitness but we tend to stroll, not much exercise in that although the fresh air is good. However, it's great one-on-one time which is very special. Walk on. John aka a Black Belt at 50
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Feb 10, 2010