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Great question Chere.. but IMHO the wrong question. Over past 18 years, I've worked with contract Attorneys, Paralegals... and non legally trained data entry (Coders). When properly trained and supervised, all can do a terrific job. Universe of 160 custodians? Conservatively, that's 1.6 million records.... more likely 5 or 6 million. And they relied on simple keyword search to segregate privilege.... not once but twice! No Concept Search... no Near Duplicate detection to assist in the quality/consistency of the review? The tools are out there. The ROI has been proven over and over. The methodology is sound and defensible. Oh, and it actually improves quality-of-life for the reviewers by reducing drift and fatigue! Whether it's Attorneys or Paralegals, if they don't have the right tools for the job these errors (and Sanctions) will continue to occur. Here's hoping that more people get the right tools! Ed Fiducia 218-2-DIAL-ED
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Jun 23, 2011