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Hey Rob, "The closer we get to Jesus the more dangerous he is to our middle class sensibilities." Our middle 'classness' begs for safety, security and acceptance. None of these were values of the early church. You pretty much kissed these goodbye when you began your journey in "The Way." If Jesus gets more dangerous the closer we get, that explains why we stay at arms length. Still able to worship, as Alan said, but resistant to Lordship and the ensuing call. As for idols in church? Two words: Christian Nation. This is meaty stuff. Thanks. I'll be back when I get a chance to think some of the other questions...
A quick trip through the New Testament shows Jesus was all about loose church, in my opinion. Not every believer will be able to understand this, but it's not because the Bible doesn't say so. Paul doesn't freak out that the message of Jesus is being preached by people with wrong motives, so long as He is being preached (Phil 1:18). What does this say about those 'hearing' the message? GCC has stuck to the vision and it is commendable. Too many of our churches are still wrestling with issues that would indicate a weak and frivolous gospel and not a strong, unafraid gospel of grace and accepting love. Keep it loose, Mark. Blessings!
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This is close to our hearts too, Michelle. One of our leaders just had a baby 10-weeks early. Isaac was just 3.1 lbs but today, just one day past his due date, he is 8 lbs and doing quite well. Many prayers continue to push him through. Now Isaac has a little buddy in my prayers as Lydia is on our mind but more importantly on Jesus' mind. Nice shoes.
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Thanks for the advice, Mark. We're never to old or 'with-it' to get some good advice.
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No problem here. I think our expectations on our culture to pacify our fears of losing control are so strange especially when Jesus makes it plain through the scriptures that we will be considered 'outsiders' along with him in culture. We are exiles in a foreign land; citizens of another 'kingdom'.
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