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Is there anyone else out there who thinks Baker may be the least erotic writer imaginable, in fact an anti-erotic writer who confuses cleverness with heat?
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Gibson actually stated, prior to Pattern Recognition, (I'm paraphrasing) that he was no longer writing speculative fiction because the present was evolving so fast that he couldn't make up the stuff that was more interesting than reality...
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Geez, I stop reading blogs for day and the world explodes. I think I'm probably the only person in the entire world who read about this horrifying scandal via this post instead of TC. the sky is falling, the sky is falling... Keep yelling Dave!
I have to disagree, this is beyond blog sloppy. It doesn't look like he even read it over before posting. I like his thoughts and agree with most of them but syntax errors, incomplete sentences, etc., shouldn't be considered normally acceptable for blogging. I certainly don't see them in your posts.
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His ideas are interesting but the writing is so sloppy that I found it impossible to finish. A lot of editing is required here. It's really a mess. Blogging is not an excuse for sloppiness.
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It's been known for a long time that you can short the BusinessWeek headlines and make money. It's an incredibly lame biz pub.
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How interesting- I just had this conversation with a friend last night after seeing an ad for the Wendy's fish. It looks really good on TV but tastes like crap. Of course my only fast food guilty pleasure is McDonald's Fish Filet, which, BTW, is one of the least healthy things on the menu- deep fried, slathered in tartar sauce and American cheese which is nearly all fat. But it does have that very soft roll that sticks to the front of your teeth... Yum.
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As an author I think the publishing world is missing a huge opportunity by trying to protect paper books with high eBook prices. Two things happen: New publishers crop up that are happy to take 70% of ten bucks and authors with audiences belatedly realize they don't need publishers at all. This assumes no more print books, except as costly novelties, a la vinyl, and that the device makes no difference- a universal format would be nice. Kindle was never more than a transitional device like GPS units or Palm Pilots. This is also a great opportunity for professional book packagers who already create a lot of the non-fiction books out there.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on kindle as service v. kindle as product at
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Just one added note- the bar owner with all the Facebook Fans is buying FB ads to build his base. I think they (FB) are positioned to become a huge force in localized, targeted marketing. I've been digging into the many options for business owners with Facebook and they are building a very impressive platform for small and not so small businesses, a platform that benefits from an almost universal understanding of the interface. Not unlike what has been discussed here vis a vis iPad. You go and you just get it.
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I work with a number of restaurant owners and the subject of Yelp came up recently. These are not particularly techie people so I was surprised to find that most knew what it was and several had used it. The universal response: They hate it. Crap is the word most commonly used. I think there is definitely an opening for a better experience in this space. But it is going to go to Facebook, IMHO. Everyone is already there. One bar owner has over 1000 fans in a mid market city and does no more advertising, zip, nada. Why should he? FB Pages are free and everyone has it on their mobile device.
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I had the same thought- Seth is obsessed with usability but this thing is ungainly to say the least- a big awkward file that is a pain to navigate (like ChangeThis). They could have done it with a blog and a tag cloud made from the names of the authors. Make it dynamic so we could see in real time which writers were attracting the most readers. I have to say that much of the content I read was pretty lightweight- but it is a holiday card, isn't it?
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