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Spot on, Carol.
As much as "occupy" seemed to me to be a slam dunk, I'm warming to something that did not make your list: "1 percenter." I've started seeing the usual holiday story about what to get the super-rich for Christmas cast as "What to get the 1 percenter on your list." I think this one might have some staying power.
I think it's a poor question. It's more likely the bugs were alive when they found their way into the enclosed light fixtures.
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Great advice, and something I've learning with experience. I give a project estimate, but I let clients know I bill by the hour. On two recent large projects for university clients I gave a range based on their limited information, and I was told, "OK, we'll take the lower amount." I guess I need to work on how I phrase my initial estimate. But because I started with a range, I had no trouble letting them know when the project was exceeding the minimum.
My first impression of "Kidlanthropy" is an association with "lycanthropy," reinforced by the photo of a child attacking with bloodstained hands.
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Thank you for this. Too many editors are fond of finding synonyms that have fewer letters or are more "conversational." But in simplifying, they often compromise the subtlety of the message. The reverse is true, of course. Writers love to find a fancy alternative that might not mean what they think it means. Any word worth more than 10 points in Scrabble should set of a copy-editing alarm. But too often we underestimate the reader and cheapen the prose.
Kevin Bacon was in "Murder in the First" with Christian Slater, who was in Star Trek VI with your cousin. Still, you know Grammar Girl, and she and Bacon have both been on Oprah. Meanwhile, a former co-worker's aunt knows Madonna's grandmother. I seem to have lost my train of thought here. LLAP.
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