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Well, I mostly agree. RFP's suck. When I was schlepping corporate computer network sales I used to respond to them all the time until I could crank through them without hardly thinking. One finally paid off, BIG TIME. The purchase order totaled about $600K. Even better, it had been so long since the RFP that all the hardware pricing had gone way way down! Commission... way way up! So that one was good but all the rest sucked. That's a nice photo by the way.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on Sales Busy Work at You Sell Like A Second Grader
Nice. I just had a similar experience getting new home owners insurance. Here in FL, insurance companies are running like rats from a sinking ship canceling policies left and right. So agents are getting inundated with calls to write policies with new carriers. When my current agent dropped the ball getting me my replacement policy I dug back into my emails and found another agent that quoted me 6 months ago. When I contacted her she was very helpful and really made me feel like I was not alone. She was fast and courteous and had a new policy for me setup in just a couple of days. Really, it was just about answering my phone call and responding quickly... something the other agent couldn't seem to do.
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Jun 16, 2010