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EDM Snow Services
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Let EDM Snow Services ease the stress this winter all while keeping you safe and clear of snow. Our residential & commercial will help you enjoy the winter more than ever. Contact us today for FREE Price Estimate. phone: (587) 410-7282 address: 201-8104 182 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 1X3, Canada
Interests: Don’t shovel your roof too frequently. Every time you run a shovel across your roof, you remove a few of the tiny granules from your shingles. Those tiny granules are what protect your shingles from UV light, and they also add fire-resistance to your roof. Wearing them down is like rubbing your hands together until you rub the first layer of skin off and you’re left with only 6 delicate layers of skin on your hands. It doesn’t matter how delicate you are, or whether you use a shovel with a plastic edge (which you should): every time you shovel, you rub off some granules. It’s fine to shovel a few times every year, but don’t do it dozens of times a year. As a snow-removal technique, shoveling picks up where roof-raking leaves off. Your roof probably needs to be shoveled (a) after a storm drops too much snow for you to remove with a rake, (b) if the snow is too heavy or hardened for your roof rake, or (c) if your roof is too large or tall for you to be able to rake it.
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Sep 11, 2017