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Appropriate for O'barry to be riding around in a hearse considering he's buried his presidency and all but killed the democratic party
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on Not an American flag in sight at Atlas Shrugs
Wow Some little tin god in black robes was threatened when a county clerk rufuse to submit to history revision and now she is under threat of having her right of liberty abrogated by offor mentioned tin god. Time for a revolution...
Trial begins for terrorist's father who allegedly lied to FBI about son's subway plot NY Post, July 18th Hat tip Pamela Hall via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 19, 2011 at Kuffar's blog
Beat the goat lover senseless and throw him off the train with his bike behind him. Preferably at 70 KPH.
Sorry, but I don't give a shit about Srebrenica. Not when bloody sons of bitches like Oric are walking around free in Tusla. If anyone deserves the label War Criminal it's Oric. The son of a bitch Oric is responsible for thousands of murders and now he owns a nightclub in Tusla. Mladic is in the Hague and will probable die in custody like Milosovic. The real war criminals are Albright, Clinton and Del Ponte. They are the MF-er's that need to be tried and shot.
morticia said... People are entitled to wear what they want in any free democracy... In that case how do you feel about a person wearing their Ku Klu Klan robes to work, or how about wearing a swatstica on their arm...? No mortica, Some things are provacative, inapropriate, and dangerous. The Burka is one of those that fall into this catagorie.
The headline should have read "Real Peace only Possible" if Hamas is wiped out...
Gee This Fu Ugly hag advocates sexual slavery and the rape and kidanpping of Christians Hindus Jews and Buddhists... And there are still people out there that think these animals can be reasoned with in any manner that you can reason with a civilized person that comes out of a civilized culture. The only reason any sane person would even listen to this kind of trash is that they have oil that was developed by European Westerners. Once the oil runs out, they will return to livings in tents in the desert. I say help them on their way.
The headline forgot to say "unexpectedly"....
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on Unemployment Spikes Again at Atlas Shrugs
Why don't the Aussies find their sack and haul the culturally ignorant Paki out of his cell and hang him from the nearest lamp post. The rest will become culturally aware in a very short time...
Mladic will never survive his trial in that kangaroo court called the Hague. He will most probably die under mysterious circumstances like Milosovic did. THe true war criminals like Wesley Clark, Madleine Albright who should be in the dock are celebrated, while their henchmen like Nasir Oric who persoanlly slaughtered Serbs by the score in the most hideous ways are retired and running nightclubs in Mostar. The true war criminals who actually enabled Al Qeada will never face justice. Mladic isn't my favorite guy but, War Criminal...? NO Not when the likes of Oric are walking around free. When the victors make up the history the people who stood up on the other side for their peole and way of life can expect no other treatment.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Julia Gorin: "Roasting Mladic" at Atlas Shrugs
Go ahead -- Make my day Anul the treaty, Israel can then take back the Sinai and BOTH sides of the Suez. Nuke Cairo, Damascus, and Tehran and take the land between the two rivers. Establish a new Christian Lebanon and if anyone objects, Nuke them too. Ef emm
Where is our Attourney General? Why isn't this being investigated? Ohyeah... It doesn't involve white right wing bitter clingers telling off color jokes about gays. Nothing to see... Move along!
The SEIU beyotch needs a shave... Too many steroids
Here's hoping the 70 year old terrorist enabler will spend the rest of her disgusting existance in a pen suitable for her crimes. Buh-Bye
Ka Ching- Megabucks lawsuit heading your way Dearborne. Also sue the organizors of the islamic hate fest.
For eight long years we were haranged with the bromide that "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism..." Now we find out that dissent is the private realm of the left. Anyone who speaks out against the nuevo commie regime will be marked for transport to the Gulag as soon as they are set up under reichsmarshall Ayers. (read Prairie Fire). Orwell doublespeak is full action... OPPOSE THE REGIME
And yet the DHS will spend millions and the MSM will villify any Christian that so much as raises a question about what the EFF this trash is doing to our country. Four people murdered in cold blood and the perp is asking for more bullets. Not a peep from the MSM. No one can use the word islamic extremists, jihad, or islamonazi without being painted as racist. Time for some rage....
Once idiots are no longer useful, they still remain idiots. That is what happens when you feed a rabid dog... They will bite regardless of being fed. Rabid dogs need to be put down.
An idea - Take your old golf shoes - the ones with the old metal spikes, and fill them with cement. Take them to your local mosque on friday and pelt the people outside. Of course old baseball spikes with work too. What is good for the goose...
Kyle, I am sure those dirty Christians at Waco had it coming too. Oh and Sammy and Vicki Weaver deserved to get shot down at Ruby Ridge. After all they were home schooling their children. Yeah they all had it coming. No room for extremism or independant thought or living without so much as a by your leave from Obama. The trouble is Islamic groups work to destroy this country with impunity. Keep away from the Koolaid Kyle...
So, A male Jihadi gets 72 virgins a paradise. What do these whores for allah get? 72 tumesant studmuffins? Or do they end up wrapped in bacon on a slow fire. Your guess....
Demonize, marginalize, stereotype paint all who oppose as racist. that is their plan. What will be next is to proclaim gun ownership as a threat to the public good and confiscate. Round up the dissenters and "re-educate" them in prisons. I don't think Obama is the anti christ, but he is probably on a first name basis with who ever is.
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Mar 21, 2010
The problem is they're trying to be civilized and behave civilized while dealing with animals and barbarians who would like nothing better than to cut the heads off of their chldren and laugh in their faces as they do it. If it is life and death for you it should be life and death for them. If you are a Jew, BUY A GUN, LEARN HOW TO USE IT AND PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!"