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Ed Plunkett
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My condolences. After losing a friend of mine last week who was 37 I concur with the what the fuck.
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I approve the hat.
An interesting mix of Soviet Bloc architecture and desert. Always fascinating to see. Safe travels.
Safe travels to the trio.
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I'm past 40, a better decade for me definitely. It's the whole 50 thing that has me in its sights now.
Yes. what do you do? Do you buy the brand of toilet paper knowing the corporate owners buy elections with the profits. Watch a college or high school football game, knowing the speeds even these kids play at is going to shorten their lives. Play roulette using your drinking water, but using plastic bottles is harmful to the environment. Yes, I need a burger and a beer now.
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A city and country I know very little about, but it looks quite festive!
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Getting the tree tomorrow. Decorations over the next couple of weeks.
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Good to see a post from you. Can't imagine all the processes you're going though. Waiting for my son to start third grade next week, and a trip to Scotland in early September.
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I have no words. I am so sorry.
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Oct 27, 2010