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Given your accurate diagnosis, I'm surprised that your prescription doesn't include reduced immigration, which drives down the cost of labor. There's increasing evidence that the poor have all the access to health care they need, with or without insurance ( so no real point to expanding Medicaid. I don't know if you remember the fuss about "shovel ready" public works projects that were supposed to provide jobs in 2008-2010, but they didn't go so well. What do we need? 1) A lot less immigration. 2) Less regulation for new businesses, less government intervention in general (of course, that would lead to more government layoffs, alas) 3) A more realistic education system that doesn't leave half the population lost from 6th grade on. We could do a lot better job education people with eighth grade reading and writing skills and stopped pretending they could all get to college. 4) Give poor young children incentives to cost less money--stipends that encourage kids to go to school, not have kids, and so on. 5) Charge immigrants (legal and illegal) for public schools--despite the complaints, both Asians and Hispanics consider our K-12 system a big draw. 6) Take a serious look at what industries we could keep here to provide more work for the lower 50%. Because what we do now isn't going to work.
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Aug 12, 2013