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The biggest problem is that those that are on the front lines (teachers, others working directly with students every day) are also the ones with the least amount of time to contribute to the discussion. The vast majority of the most important voices are too busy to be regular contributors to the conversation.
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But for 95%+ of the folks at the ISTE conference, the content of his keynote will end up being fine. I believe for 100% of the folks at the ISTE conference, the actual deliver and support of his presentation will be fine. I don't but that people will pick at his use of PPT or Prezi or trying to make the audience laugh. And if you think that this community is that shallow, I'd argue you don't know us that well. I'd agree with this. I think the fact is that there are maybe going to be a total of 10 folks that will be looking to tear this guy down because of one nitpicky thing or another. Out of such a large audience, I don't think those folks need to be worried about at all. Pitied, maybe, but not worried about. As for what I'm hearing that Jeff's work is mostly dug out of the real world and not necessarily out in front of the ed tech community, well I have to say that I respect that. There are lots of people out there that are doing the real work of changing education that aren't necessarily putting themselves forward or promoting their work. There is just as much a need for the quiet revolution in education as there is for the loud (maybe more so, when you get right down to it).
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I want to say that I appreciate how you have handled this, Scott. It's nice to see someone put their ego to the side and be gracious with an outcome. I wish some others would do the same. As an aside, if Jeff does ever make it around this post, I urge him to capitalize on the process that got him voted in and use that as a learning/growing point. I'm sure he can pull some interesting comments from Twitter tonight if he'd like to get a bit self-deprecating about the whole matter as well!
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Jan 21, 2010