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How did Milliband get into Oxford with such low grades? Easy. He passed the entrance exam. Nothing to do with connections. Blair and Cameron appeal more to ordinary people simply because they practice at it. To a large extent its an act. Take Blair's support of English football. Manufactured. He is a Scot by birth and education. But no doubt calculated that post Euro 96 there were shed loads of votes in being associated with English football. Just as he discovered - out of nowhere - a passion for English rugby and cricket when those teams won. Then there was the people carrier with the baby seats, the mug, the taking off of the suit jacket and so on. All very carefully crafted. But if you look back to the early Blair career pretty much absent. Cameron's limited career is mostly in PR. So no doubt he is well aware of the importance of image in a way that John Major wasn't. The reverse was of course Macmillan who passed himself off as an aristo at home on the grouse moor etc. He was of course an upper middle class publisher descendant of crofters who married a Duke's daughter and after some searing personal experiences re-invented himself. F E Smith was another great pretender. His background in Birkenhead was very humble, but through raw talent, a large overdraft and chupatz he went on to seize the 'glittering prizes'. Actor managers the lot. Now the people you mention probably have the sort of integrity that makes living a lie like this difficult.
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