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Northern Ireland
Husband and Father first - everything else after - writer - philosopher - gambler
Interests: Reading, writing and listening to good music. I enjoy gambling on the race horses, playing poker, doing free style martial arts and watching a good film or t.v. series.
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Does it really matter? I mean half the problem in the world today is because we label and discriminate. Is it possible that the books that Oprah has picked are simply the best available at the time? Or at least the best according to Oprah's personal taste? I mean if it is a case that you have to be a woman to get on certain lists or into certain book clubs etc isn't that just another form of discrimination. I don't mean to rant but when I read a book I don't read it because it was written by one sex or the other, I read it because it is good - the last book I read was by Maria V Snyder (Fire Study) and it was excellent.
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Nov 23, 2010