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Hey Rexon, I did not read that if the political party filing candidates in Fako was the CPDM you were going to fight. I only read SDF(Ndi or Muna). Was this intentional?
My dear brothers and sisters, it is very easy to tell people to resign positions and employment. The only thing we haqven't considered is what these people will eat.In a struggle like this we need money and will be asking every Southern Cameroonian to contribute. Where will their contribution come from? It is a very small minority of our population that lives abroad, and I even doubt whether they contribute money for the struggle. My other sense tells me that mu7st of those who contribute do not even write on this forum and our great writers may only be a tank of ideas without the means(finances) to achief a goal-reason for which no body has talked about enough money somewhere for arm etc. If we are t5alking about resigning then I will suggest that we ask all civil servants of Southern Cameroon origins to resign and all those living abroad and making their living to re3turn home and face the gendarmes like those in the picyure above are facing. Thesde opeople need to eat and we wil;l need their money in the long run. We should be asking them to be saving some money for the struggle and for the rainy days that will be there immediately after liberation. This is the truth of the matter, for things will not just be honey after liberation. We will need time to build and make the place second only to heaven.
In all honesty, the mission of our SCNC seems to me unable to go ahead without the SDF playing a political front with la republique. I know we have parliamentarians in the ruling CPDM who are southern Cameroonians from birth, with whom we have been unable to communicate. How will it be like if there was no SDF and our parliamentarians within la republique were all CPDM? In this instance we will seem to have no voice at all as we can be branded as just a few disgruntled people. The situation will be quite different if we had the SDF having all the paliamentarians from the Southern Cameroons territory so that we can tell them to resign and leave us unrepresented there. I am a registered member and astrong one for that matter of the SCNC, but is also of thje SDF, so as to get this two prong attack. I will suggest that Souther Cameroonians vote for the opposition that is within our territory,even if not the SDF, so that we can use this tact of letting ourselves not to be represented. I have not read people telling CPDM parliamentarians in our region to resign and if they do so, then we can hold the SDF responsible for keeping us in that unholy union.