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Todd, old boy, even my GOP and very Republican Texas millionaire friends--at least the ones with a moral character--are for closing the loopholes, which are secret passages, if you will, that CFO's pay the big bucks to corporate lawyers and accountants to find so they can continue to withhold money due the government. Yes, what this country needs is a conservative hero, to swoop in and save us all from those evil dark forces. But wait a minute. It can't be Mitt and his five boys, not a one has shown what it takes to have helped build this country, forged from the liberal ideas of the Enlightenment and opposed by the Crown and the conservative fops and flops. Not much has changed. And yes, I and my family have been paying our taxes and fighting in all the wars to establish and maintain this country since the mid-17th century.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2012 on Taxes Fair Enough Already? at Rebane's Ruminations
I'm sure I posted yesterday using my Google account and have no idea why just my first name appeared, so leave Doug alone and don't be so quick to jump to faulty conclusions by attacking first and learning the facts later. It's a bad habit of those always looking for someone to attack, a costly educational lesson from the prior administration you seemed to have missed. I'll be brief. Mr. Obermuller, your anecdotes prove nothing except perhaps you believe the way to control students is by smacking them around. Very thoughtful, although where I taught, violence between students and teachers was inevitable at times. I've broken up fights between enemy gang members, been hit in the face, taken numerous shots to the head, had a number of my students murdered or wounded, etc., etc. But such incidents all came from a very small percentage of the kids, as at least 95% I had formed a fond a workable relationship with. You can rant and rave all you want about teachers, but it's your group that looks for someone to blame, not having a clue about the realities of being in today's classroom. I'm not as patient or willing to continue discourse with ideologues of the right as Doug is, maybe because of my conservative Republican upbring and familiarity with that mindset and all its ideological underpinnings and numerous flaws. Your vicious attack on teacher's unions infers you'd prefer students be taught by anybody and paid criminally low wages as in years gone by. I was not a life long teacher and my pension is rather meager, compensation for service incurred disabilites while a combat Marine in Vietnam being my other source of income. I suppose you resent that, too. And Mr. Rebane, if your clarification of your use of the word idiot was a jab at my use of idiotic, it missed it's mark, as my use was perfectly correct. I'm not a regular blogger, but only commented because of the issue at hand.
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May 2, 2012