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Trumping that: we ported in our own food: tea, oatmeal packets, and those cram-like food-bar things on my best friend's and my "starvation tour-0-Europe" It's hard to beat "library-school student poor. On the other hand, despite losing 10 pounds in one week in G.B., we got to spend the week following with her family in Vienna. The resulting calories kept us going for the following three weeks... mitt shlagg!
But do get the sound track - I listen to it on my annual re-reads now every year. It's exactly right. As to your question: Let them find LOTR on their own, unless you have some reason to believe they won't manage it. In which case, if you can get a copy of the Rob Inglis book-on-tape/book-on-cassette/book-on-recorded-medium-du-jour ( If you aren't familiar with the man's work, remember how great Patrick Stewart's one man show of A Christmas Carol was? This is the one-man-show of LOTR/The Hobbit. How about Mowgli? Kipling's jungle books would be a first-rate aloud at that age...
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2010 on Reading the Hobbit at Halfway down the Danube
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Jun 27, 2010