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Ceci n'est pas un commentaire. I observe a mood of playfulness sitting atop that eldritch tripod. Play is essential to the cult. Without that, the blog would be far less alluring.
I am still scarred by some of the safety films I watched in 70's Britain. They did not mess around.
Our local public radio station, WITF, devoted about a third of its daily hour-long current affairs talk show to clown sightings one day last week:
This was great until the end. The humans don't win this one.
As if a mere knife could slay the beast...
I'd love to see the equivalent document for de-Baathification under Bremer et al. I wonder if Wikileaks shall provide.
I think Juliette has the right idea. We could probably stick a fancy label on it - philosophy or praxis? immanent critique? - but it's not necessary. The point, as Uncle Karl reminded us, is not simply to criticize conditions but to change them. And we'll change them by, well, changing them, by doing things differently. Something of the radical's willingness to rock the boat combined with a genuine focus on the mission - how do we best serve our students? I'm very certain it's not by ticking boxes in some neo-liberal, management-factory-sanctified exercise designed to produce fake, 'measurable' outcomes - the currently prevailing 'vision' or consensus with momentum. To the extent that we know what is better, we should practise it and, but practising it, change the terrain on which the conversation/struggle is taking place.
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Jan 8, 2010