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edwin kihika
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I was born and raised in kenya,let me assure you that the continued assertion by this lunatic fringe group that Obama was actually born in kenya couldn't be further from the truth. Had this been the case,there's nothing that anyone could do under the sun to keep kenya and her people from trumpeting this news to the world. The Idea that this country has a black president is just simply unpalatable to many,hence the campaign to somehow render his presidency invalid by questioning his country of birth. The news media needn't devote any more print space to these crazies.
Human nature being what it is,nothing should be surprising.Resentment toward a superpower in direct competition against a pint sized obscure country is not in the least bit surprising. Remember that many of these voters come from similar places, and any perceived arrogance even though just that, substantially diminishes any chances of the U.S. receiving the majority votes. What should be abundantly clear is that for future U.S. bid commitees is that nothing can be taken for granted.
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Dec 3, 2010