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E. Eastmond
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Bravo to you for getting a jump on Christmas! I once had a little project like that, and now when I look at it, it reminds me of the places I toted it, the many many gymnasitics lessons I watched all the while stitching. Elizabeth E.
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Thanks for these bios on those involved the selvage contest. It's nice to see who they are, what their influences are and how they interpret these into their fabrics. This one's my favorite!
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Hey--don't worry about the number of posts--just try for consistency (every Tuesday and Thursday?). And sometimes my posts are just a line or two long, which helps meet that crunch. I can tell you like to write, and you like to write the complete description. I'm like that, as most of my posts trend longer. But I've learned that sometimes a thin slice can be just as effective, and makes me feel good about keeping the chain going. I love your writing--always glad to read it no matter what the length. Elizabeth E.
I just found your posts, and so am enjoying them--backwards. I felt the same way as you did last year, when I sliced ( It's sobering because it also means you step up in line, it means you are older--and don't we all fight that one? My parents have bounced back in some ways from last year's story, but frayed a little more around the edges in other ways. Two steps forward, one step back. Even in aging. Good for you for helping your parents--good for you. Elizabeth E.
Love this. I've been following the news as well as my husband and I are not early adopters, but oh, my! I'm intrigued by the iPad 2. Our family bought two iPads for my elderly parents (they'd HATE that label although at 82 and 85 they qualify) and my father's taken it to like nothing else. They say the genius of those devices are for the old. . . and the young. Judging from your experience, I think Apple has nailed their market. But I still want one. Elizabeth E.
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Mar 7, 2011