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Funny how some of us do hear happiness knocking, but hear it and refuse to open the door! Sometimes those "not-so-happy places" become so familiar, so comfortable, we resist the change...even when it's for the better. P.S. Mmmmmmmm....Cheetos! :)
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I know about the dangers of regrets and the what-if's that accompany them. Heck, that could easily define my life...if I let it. But a side effect of one of those "regrets" are my two kids. Had I done it what I saw as the right way at the time, they wouldn't be here. And THAT I would regret!
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Very inspiring. Sometimes TRUE GRIT is the difference between merely surviving and really living.
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Would you mind if we cloned you...a few billion times? ;) We've come so far since then and yet, in some ways, have moved so little, as publicly demonstrated just a few days ago in my town's city council meeting. Is it sad or appropriate that bigotry comes in so many colors? Thank you for sharing your story and a little ray of sunshine for us all, Vicky!
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Very poignant as this touches me on a very personal level. Rejection also gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. To quote that great philosopher, Tim Allen, in the movie, "Galaxy Quest": Never give up. Never surrender. So shallow and yet so deep! ;) - Jenni
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