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The great state of New Jersey!
WFMU DJ (Wednesdays,9pm-12mid), Red Sox Fan, etc.
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If I could just bring this back to the matter at hand (and repeat what I said elsewhere) - I'm really disappointed at the news about Chris Reilly. I loved hearing him on WINS, and would always keep that station on a little longer when he was on. That promo reel is amazing - I'm used to him speaking a little more slowly. Off the top of my head I think that leaves Cameron Swayze and recent arrival Steve Knight, both on WCBS, as the main contenders for Deepest Voice On A Newsradio Station in NYC, although Swayze's voice has a kind of breezy quality to it that I think mitigates its depth somewhat (but don't get me wrong, I enjoy listening to him). And frankly Steve Knight comes across a little too Ted Baxterish for my taste. If Greg Jensen hadn't gone up to Boston he'd be on the list for sure, but even he doesn't reach those Reillyan depths. Here's hoping he turns up soon on the radio again. signed, Evan "Funk" Davies Newsradio nerd
Yeah, I admit I'm not really a purist when it comes to release year... fellow FMU DJ Noah pointed out that the Percee P record was also a 2007 release, and I noticed the phrase "now it's 2005" (!) when I was playing the Stands For Decibels CD during my Best Of show (although that CD didn't arrive in the WFMU new bin until 2008, for whatever reason). I guess I should call this list "Things I really liked in 2008 that mostly came out that same year," but that's a little clunky. :) Thanks for reading the list and commenting, I appreciate it!
very nice! but tisane sans cafeine?! is someone trying to kill us?
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2006 on Snakes on Tisane at foureyedbat