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I am just wondering if the CPDM-USA has become a "nyongo" group. Even those at the scene are not able to give the same account of the event? Any fighting in public is disgraceful. Hope one honest person will nuke out the truth.
The corrupt electoral practice in Cameroon has been tested time and time again producing one result (CPDM stays in power). The process is usually coordinated by Marafa Hamidou Yaya. He is now supported by ELECAM to perfect the corrupt electoral practices. If any person is thinking of contesting in 2011 then that individual has no idea how things are done in Cameroon. To gain our country back we have to change the electoral system by whatever means possible. I know the task is above the opposition and wonder if anything good can come from the ruling party. A combination of interested parties in the diaspora and those in Cameroon need to take the responsibility. The earliest result may be achieved in the next parliamentary and municipal elections. If we don't do this now, we may have to wait for Biya to die before 2018, else we shall still be having this discussion in 2015.
Please, I hope this will cause some more insult. I just want to ask if anyone knows what is happening now in K-Town. Are the Forces of Lawlessness and Disorder still in town? can someone send us some pics. What are the names of those Killed? To those who lost love ones we do condole with you.
Mr Endeley, are you going to obtain permission from those above to develop buea. Well you act like a child who is to be seen and not heard. you are a disgrace as a political leader. Please, you still have the opportunity to make this debate. Take your chance else history will remember as the one who is afraid of a debate with Moki.
Dishing out 12M in one siting by Mr Fonjindam just shows how primitive he is. I cannot understand why such individual cannot give out scholarships to santa students or even invest the money in their home town. Mr Fonjindam we are hard working cameroonians who need jobs. I will send my Application to your office and promise to visit you a few years from now and will put an article on this same forum!!!
Well the government has not announced it yet. Let us wait for The PM. He is the person expected to make such a statement and not a political hi-goat. It is not enough to tell us a road will be tared we heard this for years. Tell us which companies are involved, How long it will take, how much it takes and if possible pressent virtual picture of the road. Well Mr PM if the road is not of good quality and one before the elections you shall know us on election Day (E-day)
The more messengers you punish the messages get to us. This time you just Confirmed to us your electoral process is not free and fair. Wait for more questions
Mr Katakata, your names says it all. You need to consult a Psychologist. A surgent denouncing Blood transfusion is like christain denouncing Jesus. You better stop all this "Katakata". You relegious ideology is a degrace to a noble profession. I expected you to stand up and explain to those uninformed Jehova withness what blood transfusion is all about. You use your profession just to explain some possible outcome of blood transfusion. Even basic drugs have effects to the human system why do you prescribe them? I will advice anyone on this forum to stay away from Mr Katakata's hospital if he intend to save life. As concerns singing the national anthem. I believe this is the list you can do for a country like cameroon. In contries like Russia and Germany every male citizen is expected to serve in the military to show his patroitism. After going through all this comments I am still to find any verse in the Holy Book (Koran or Bible) which says singing the national antem is a sin. Respect is is deserved an not awarded! If you don't respect my believe of signging the national anthem why should you keep you to contaminate the others? Please, to prevent the "tragedy of the commons" such student should be selected out of government institutions.
Mr Charles Bayemi Oum, I don't know which school of management you attended. But as a manager it is your place to provide a "good name" for your cooporation. In a case with such villagers and a corrupt system like in cameroon it is your place to to prove to the public that AES SONEL or SONEL did not cellect any money. This is done by investigating within your cooporation if anyone collect money. If he/she did then sanction are taken and made public. If not then tell the villagers you conducted and investigation and no one is guilty. At this point it is left for the villager to prove you wrong. If they succeed then you will have to bare the consiquences of Incopetence. That is how management works especially in sub saharan Africa. The burden of prove is on the manager and not the public.
First the issue of Tax. 17 million is too much tax for a cattle dealer in cameroon where an average cow cost 100,000Frs. Maybe the other thing are important but to get to this sum is out of question. I wonder how much companies like AES Sonel, SONARA, Foku,CAMAIR, PMUC pay as taxes. I will expect Mr Fru to give us more detail about this his tax issue if it is posible.All in all our tax system is a mess! I will not count myself a supporter of SDF but if praises have to go to where they belong I must praise Fru Ndi for the Position he is now taking. The only language our government listens to is violence. I think it is good that we start warning our SDO and other CPDM resource persons that the days of rigging are over. I am happy that Mr Fru Ndi stated names of riggers. More of such names should come up so that we put an eye on them. I on my part will call my uncle to order if I see his name on the list of riggers. Opposition parties should however observe fair play and accept defeat where it is due. We should not turn to every polling station where SDF did not win and say CPDM rigged. We should not call those who did not vote for a particular party Traitors. We should not try to rig ourselver or place electoral officer in unconfortable situation. Till election day comes please politician don't tell us what you cannot deliver. You shall be voted on your words. This include Fru Ndi and CPDM barrons. Only through such methods shall we grow. Last Warning. Riggers we shall get to you before the result get to yaounde.
Well changing cameroon requires us to be brave and take certain chalenges. Journalist have the responsibility to correct the ills of our society. Was there no english speaking Journalist in that hall who was brave enough to tell the minister he has no right to make such a statement? This is the second unconstitutional statement this minister is making in less than a week.The first he called for anyone to prove the death of prisoners (which is his responsibility) and now placing a ban on english. No Journalist has dared to question him. This is not an issue which should be handled on party lines. Tomorow so called anglophone journalist will not be needed at any press confrence hence no job for anglophone journalist. This include those of Cameroon Tribune and CRTV. I understand those who are brave are not wanted around yaounde and I don't blame them. Our anglophone journalist who took part in such a converence what do you think your children will say of you tomorow? Well the answer is simple: Daddy was bullied by Ahmadou Ali. What a pity.
Resolving some of the problems of our national team is good news to lovers of football on earth. I don't want to start praising Thierry Augustin Edjoa but if the match with Bacelona takes place it would be wonderful. As a cameroonian I will be proud that my country played one of the best teams in football. However for this to happen we have a long way to go. First we need a Stadium that will host such a match. At the moment we have non. Our last minister of Sports and Physical Education just like the others promised to create atleast 10 arena. Now we have an opportunity but no playing ground.
Mr minister there is lack of funds to contruct the manfe road with fund from the European union for the mutengene-kumba raod why do you say it will be done in "the not too distant future"? It is a shame that in the same inteview you pose a problem in one scenario and another scenario you give an answere but nothing is being done. In the first place what do you mean by "the not too distant future"? one week, one year, not in our life time or what? I wish our tax pays were given the opportunity to pay their taxes in "the not too distant future". By the way if the government is up to the task of constructing road why has it not been done? Mr minister tell us how much it will cost to contruct any road sector and the tax payers will tell you if it is expensive or not. This is not your money. we are only asking you to use our money and provide us with a service. If the problem is looking for fund then you may looking too far and see too little. Take those who have mismanaged public fund to court or even just exposing them we shall have enough money to contruct super highways. You may have to start with yourself though. Tell us when construction will start (give a specific date not "the not too distant future") and how long it will take. Then we shall know you are differnet from the others. Well till you answere such questions honestly you will just be another Agbor Tabi, Tsalie, Mbela Mbape,Innoni Achidi achu, and other who complained when they were ministers and are still complaining now that they are not.
yesterday it was University of Buea today warders. Where the opposition parties have failed the masses are succeeding. The only language our ministers understand is violence. the only way to get what is ours is through a strike. Stay together as one and keep the strike up.
well organising a strike alone was a success to UB students. I don't know if all they demanded was offered to them, but I am sure certain uncurrupt policies will never come up in UB. The minister will never send a list and police will think before the shot if at all they do. My fear now is the divide and rule policy!. Are these students going to stay together and fight all currupt policies from yaounde? For this to happen all of us should educate our brothers, Friends and fellows in UB. UB student should know that they are amongst the strongest opposition force in cameroon. We need all of them to join and speek one language when it come to standing up for what is rights. Please, don't let yaounde split you with money. To the new VC if we stand up agains you listen to us and your students. This is not anything personal. We are fighting for your children or grand children to have a better live. Finally, to all UB students who took part in the strike. We are all very proud of you. We cannot praise you individually but history will award your efforts. Congrats and keep on. Happy new year.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2007 on UB Strike Pays Off at Up Station Mountain Club
It is unfortunate that FECAFOOT is now claiming it has nothing to do With Hann. All what they are now complaining had been said on this forum. If they supported a foreign coach they should share the blame of his action. Sometime back I wrote an article asking when we shall learn? I made it clear that Hann will be just another european who will stay in france and at the end he will say he is an expert in cameroonian football. If we have a bad trainer let us try to get the best from him. If we want to fire him then let us do it. We don't have enough time to prepare for 2010. Our qualification for 2010 should not depend on the last match. We have to start preparing now. It will be nice for the GM of FECAFOOT to tell us his recommendations to the minister and what he discussed with Mr Hann two months ago. I am glad Hann reacted fast to this abuses but we are waiting for more as he said.
What an article? Words will never describe how good a writer you are. This is one of the best article ever published on this forum. Please, Charly Ndi Chia share your knowledge with other; even those who are 'veterans'.
What an article? Words will never describe how good a writer you are. This is one of the best article ever published on this forum. Please, Charly Ndi Chia share your knowledge with other; even those who are 'veterans'.
What an article? Word will never describe how good a writer you are. This is one of the best article ever published on this forum. Please, Charly Ndi Chia share your knowledge with other; even those who are 'veterans'.
It will be nice if those in Buea or UB can tell us what is really happening. It is really unfortunate that Mr Ernest Sumelong had the opportunity to Interview the VC but will not ask the creterial used to add 26 new students onto the list. Even when VC talks about a 'hidden agenda' our journalist will not question how these students with Fake certificates got into the University in the first place? What will be done to those who brought them there? How many of such students have been discovered? What percentage of the striking population is made up of such students? These are some of the questions that could free the VC or put him in trouble but will render a reader full satisfaction. This atricle is a waste of opportunity and great amateurism. I call on the post to try and carry out another interview with any person who can answer the above questions.
If Ambe claims that Taku was not voted constitutional why are elections not organised so that the right person is elected? Taku is one of the few leaders in cameroon who has stated that if he is elected out he will go. So Ambe it is now left for you and the powers that be to conduct new elections. If Taku was unconstitutionally elected. Please, if Taku is re-elected you just have to accept it. You should also know that it your democratic right not take part in elections. This however does not make the election invalid! And to both of you; Don't bring that SDF/CPDM syndrom into SCNC
D.K. Mokosso Your article is quite interesting but your title is misleading. Are you afraid to tell Haan he is no match to Nyongha, Manga, Akono, Kaham and other? A point of correction by the way. Haan was successful as a player in Holland. He was not successful as coach in Belguim nor in Holland. In an earlier publication I commented that Haan like Schaeffer is amongst trainer who will be sleeping in a five star hotel in Paris and telling us in 'pays' that he is an expert of african football. After Nyongha's victory over Rwanda he left for Paris, proving me right. Our 'pa' of sports had earlier said he will not tolerate any coach who is not based in 'pay'. Unfortunately, he never matches his words with action. Some sporters (e.g Bell Antoin) want us to allow Haan do his Job. I am afraid we don't have time. This is time we should be building up a team for south africa 2010. It may take us two year to finally agree that he is very bad for us. If this happens we will be out of the international scene of football again. If there is one thing Mr Haan should is that we have very good players in cameroon. He must not watch only those in europe to make a team. Our country can always provide recorded material on any player based in europe but non for those based at home. That is why you should spend more time watching 'Cup top' to first division matches in cameroon and not in France. When shall we use our own resources????????
Francis Nche, Rexon, Eyallow. Please let us not discuss this based on party ties. A bad economic policy will affect us all in one way or another. I will just give a small example. A typical grand ma in the village expects his Children working in the city to send her cash monthly. If the children work in say Brasseries they will not even have job(s) come 2008 because chepper beer from EU states will out compete Brasseries. This means our grand ma will not even have cash to buy the cheap beer. This will be the immediate effect. Free duty on EU good means our treasury will be working on a negative. The government will have to do something on taxation. The most likely solution will be to increase VAT. This has never been an effective means to collect tax in cameroon in recent years. The prices will therefore increase exponentially while the money that gets into the treasury will increase arithmethically. Can anyone really tell me how the policy will help our grand Ma in the long run? Please, don't rush to a conclusion think about this before your write. I appreciate all your contructive opinions.
I really cannot understand how someone like Frances Nche will say this has an advantage to cameroon. We are already "loosers big time". When the rest of the world is trying to make trade fair for less developed countries our government is making it unfair to its citizens. If the european union spends 3euros for each cow how will our "magidas" survive? If our country does not need taxes why don't they reduce taxes of local industries? How can we be a consuming nation when we don't even have money! I am really sad about this underdevelopment.
I am calling on all well wishers and supporters of the lions to stand up and tell Fecafoot and the authorities that be that it is time for a cameroonian coach! How on earth is Haan better than our local coaches. I wonder if he has ever watched a competition involving a first division team in cameroon. He is just another one who will not believe in our local players. He will stay in five star hotel in Paris and Claim to be an expert in cameroonian football. Why don't our leaders learn? His profil is not better than that of Schaefer yet he is going to earn €20,000. Our european coaches have not been successful if we look at the quality of players and pation cameroonians support football. We have similar quality players like Holland - fast attack, tactical midfield etc. If Haan is good to manage such a team he should be on the bench with the Orange. Or maybe the Junior team. He has internation expirience but NO international success! The world will be looking at cameroon in 2010. But I don't see Haan making us proud. Unfortunately, we are already running out of time. Our local coaches need time to proof their worth. This time has been given to Haan. In a few year we will have another Care taker coach. Instead of developing a solid team with a wonderful play style. Our sponsors are not helping us. They alway want 'white coaches'. I strongly believe it is time we the supporters make the change. Let go the field and shout, carry banners and sing songs until we are heard. To my friends overseas, things will change soon in the Fatherland.