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I don't think i've ever commented on your blog, which is strange as i've been following you for eons. In your last paragraph you say "would you write off to experience and just move on with your life". I think if you COULD do this then you would have done it by now. Probably the only way you are going to get closure is by confonting this person, why should they get the satisfaction of making you feel like a sucker? You definately deserve better than that. Try as hard as you can to just think of the facts and take the emotional stuff out of the equation (yes, probably impossible, but try to think like a man) and yes it will be difficult but you might just stop this idiot from making other people feel the same way you do. I completly get your desciption of exhaustion when you talk about taking on other peoples emotions, I do that too and it makes these sorts of situation so much harder, but not impossible. Go get that fool!
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2010 on What would you or Jesus do? at So Close
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Jan 23, 2010