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Unlike wtf (nice name, dickwad), I'll put my name to this post. It makes me physically ill to think that some anonymous asshole has shown up to mock one of the most humble and sincere guys in hip-hop because early in his career he was part of a musical act that made comments that were both homophobic and sexist. I'm not disagreeing that the commentary was there, but that 35 years ago. Get the fuck over yourself if you think you're some voice of truth pointing out the injustice in the world. The man is dead. In his lifetime he worked hard not only to fight religious persecution but to create a production company that opens its doors to a wide variety of cinematic voices. You have to be a special level of douche bag to claim the man behind Oscilloscope Pictures was some sort of frat boy jack ass. Way to go, wtf, way to go. Thanks for exposing us to the truth.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2012 on The Beastly Boys at Some Came Running
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May 6, 2012