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David Ehrenstein
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Seeing "Victim" with my mother. It was 1961 and I was nanoseconds away from coming out. Her reaction to the film? "Oh that Dirk Bogarde is such a good actor." Her reaction to me? Dead silence.
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Kelly began his career as the Ultimate Heel -- on Broadway in "Pal Joey."
"The Legend of Lylah Clare" began its life as a TV drama. It was written by Robert Thom,directed by Sydney Pollack and starred (wait for it) Tuesday Weld
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I've been thinkinga bout him lately as he appears in the documentary "L'Enfer de L'Henri-Georges Clouzot." He was one of the camera operators on that great doomed project. His work with Rivette speaks for itself. I especially love "Duelle."
Beatty's filmography is incredibly thick. Putting his appearance on TV's "The Man Loves of Dobie Gillis" aside (and Tuesday Weld has been adamantabout him NEVER getting to even first base with her, much less home plate) his career begins at the top in 1961 with "Splendor in the Grass" in whcih he STARS. A mere six years later he not only stars but produces "Bonnie and Clyde" -- the seminal film of the 60's. Any comparasions? Nope. This was in the cards early on. My favorite Betty story concerns an argument he had with Robert Rossen over a line in "Lilith." He was suppsoed to say "I've read Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov." Warren wanted to say "I've read Crime and Punishment and HALF of The Brothers Karamazov." Nohting Biskind says about Warren and His Mighty Penis beats what Warren said himself in "Shampoo." His politics is likewise there for the world to see in his two best films "Reds" and "Bulworth." At his worst he goes sappy. "Heaven Can Wait" isn't much and "Love Affair" just sits there. "Dick Tracy" is worth another look however. "What Can You Lose?" is one of my very favortie Sondheim songs.
"How many defining motion pictures does a filmmaker have to make to be considered great?" ONE! Charles Laughton's "The Night of the Hunter"
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Jan 21, 2010