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I was surprised to receive my Netflix in the mail on Tuesday. Netflix estimated a Wednesday delivery date due to Columbus Day, so I had to wait until Wednesday to report a mislabeled disc.
There are films/TV shows that aren't listed in Instant Queue, these remain in my DVD Queue to be shipped to me at some later date (I usually delete DVDs with an Instant Watch option). I move to the bottom of my queue any DVDs with a future Instant Watch date.
I can only imagine those white Netflix trucks (you see parked outside the local distribution centers) picking up mail from the local post office and then dropping off mail, hence no USPS home delivery until Friday.
Macon, GA received and shipped DVDs today (Saturday).
Christmas Evil, Hue and Cry, and The Secret Invasion DVDs. I'm avoiding the streamed content since I have a few unseen movies on the DVR.
It was time for an upgrade when my PPC eMac started to exhibit serious problems (the CRT died and the superdrive started to produce coasters). Now I have a brand new Mac mini (installed a faster HD and maxed-out the RAM) hooked up to my HDTV and I'm streaming SDTV quality video from Netflix, Hulu, and others. No need to burn DVDs anymore, VLC plays all the ripped content via the HD. I hope Silverlight works with the Snow Leopard software upgrade next month.