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I couldn't agree more with Dr. Fox. I feel that unless there is foetal abnormality or the mother's life is in danger in which case an abortion should be legal at any time, then the maximum delay should be 12 weeks as it is in France.While I still believe as I did as a student (I am now 48) abortion is a very serious and traumatic experience and should not be decided either by religion or politics, and every woman who opts for an abortion should first receive a form of psychological consultation before being granted the right to abort her unborn child before the 12 weeks. It is often something you think you are doing for the best when young then regret for the rest of your life, regardless as to whether or not you are able to conceive in the future. you should be made aware of the stage of the embryo and its development and unless it is evident that the future mother will suffer physiological or psychological trauma which could harm the development of the baby once born then an abortion should be refused and alternative help given. Abortion should certainly not be used as an alternative form of contraception as the current law allows. By the time you realise you are pregnant it is the beginning of a new life and should be treated as such as much for the parents (especially the mother) as for the baby.
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