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CONGRATS Willi!!!!!
Jorge, It was great seeing you on Saturday! much love your way! You did awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing your snacks with me and BTW- YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!
I can identify with a lot of labels, mother, wife, social worker, advocate just to name a few…. but ATHLETE is not one of them. As a social worker, I am usually the one on the side lines cheering people on trying to help them identify their strengths and extending encouragement to them along their journeys. So for me, this was a very surreal experience. I was forced to face my fears and accept support and encouragement from strangers. I have never competed in anything and I was terrified. Not only by the younger, fitter, and faster competition, but damn those IACF ladies looked like an army in their matching outfits. I think it took more strength for me to stay (rather than leave) versus actually WODing. I have to admit I was really close to leaving. I bargained with myself rationalizing that no one would notice or care, but in the end I would have noticed and I would have cared. I had a personal goal to accomplish this and do my best. I am proud that I finished even if I finished last. I really appreciate everyone’s support because it meant a lot to me. Brian, I especially want to thank you. Your words helped me to put things in perspective and helped me get it together. Great job to all the athletes… I am still in awe by your strength. It takes a lot to put it all out there.
Great workout....26 minutes (10:16 mile/16 minute workout)at RX... (except the kettle bell... I am afraid of that 35lb KB) On the positive, this is the first time I run the full mile at crossfit... usually half way through I have to stop and walk...Yay Me! PS Thanks Brian for the extra push at the end, next time I will get it under 10... :) Happy Wed everyone!!
Happy Birthday Val!!!! We miss you at the 6:30 am class... Hope all is well and I especially hope you have a GREAT day! Brian I was very happy to see you back... YAY!!! This WOD was DE MADRE....I have to say I adapted this WOD... I did complete 100 thrusters... ( alright since I am being honest, they were more like push presses because my squats really sucked...) Burpees and knees to elbows on the minute... not quite... regardless my time was somewhere in the 18 with a 35lb bar.. BOO HOO!!! :(
Danny B. and Diego, I made it the other night and it was F'ing amazing!!!! I swear it taste exactly like banana ice cream...I am thinking you can add stuff to it like nuts...or almond flavoring....I will see if I make some for the next time there is a Paleo potluck...
I feel like a glass of cold water just hit me... I checked out the link re: tricky about a quita nota.... On the positive.. In case anyone cares..A friend of mine shared this great trick for banana ice cream... ( I am aware that bananas are not ideal, but I am thinking this is much better than Ben and Jerry's)... Slice a banana into long slices ( length wise) and freeze until hard... Put into a food processor and blend until smooth... add some cinnamon or vanilla and you have an amazing ice cream substitue....
I amlmost starting to think that there is some sort of perverse pleasure the coaches get while creating these crazy WOD's. Do you hate us? This was a B@#%h... 17 something, not RX
Ok, I am very proud of me today, So I just need to share my numbers.... First Round: 65 Lbs DL-80 HPC-17 FS-15 ( I must admit, my squats are questionable, but I am counting them) Press-8 Run-9:30 ( got a late starts because I stopped for water... I know, I know, excuses, but legit excuses- I finished last on my run, but I ran the entire mile...) Second round-65 Lbs DL-86 HPC-18 FS-18 ( Also questionable, but I am counting these as legit too.) Press-9 Happy Monday everyone... I am also including a link for an upcoming 5K if anyone is interested... The date is (Friday) Nov.12 @6:00pm at WaterfordDL-80
Saw a few crossfitters at the race for the cure this morning....a big WOO HOO to all of you who ran/walked for the cure...My fellow 6:30 am crossfitter Betty and I ran the course (Betty, GREAT JOB GIRL!!!) and we finished our first 5K today... I have no doubt that if it were not for crossfit, I would NEVER have finished.. because I really dislike running...To all the crossfit trainers that have helped me become more fit, I want to say thanks...You guys are amazing.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Leaderboard Saturday at Crossfit Gables
Thanks Nestor... :) Danny B...I feel your pain, Paleo is tough... I am trying, but by no means perfect... day by day... For my birthday next month, ("God I am getting old"-mental thought out loud) I am going to have my husband create a Paleo cake...I will let you know whow it turns out
in front of the fan...
25 rounds :)
Everything hurts!!!!! This has been one hellish week.
Great S-WOD this morning... I could not bench press 75.. BOO HOO, but I did a whole lot of reps at 45... BTW- had the weight difference not been a 30 lb increase from- 45 to 75, I probably would have been able to bench press some more. Front squats at RX- 105 baby!!! Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Thursday!!!
Can't we just all get along?
This was absolutely EGO SHATTERING!!!!! I can barely run a mile, let alone two.... I completed my workout ( 10 rounds, scraping 45 minutes..) and finished my WOD last at a dismal 56 maybe 57 minutes... because the clock was not even running by the time I finished BECAUSE I WAS LAST!!!!!!!! ( did I fail to mention that I only ran 3/4 of a mile on the last mile....) not because I couldn't finish, (because I could have kept crawling), but I really needed to get home... On a positive, I actually did some ( not many, but some of my push presses at RX, and the rest at 35Lbs) Brian where were you when I needed you today? BOO HOO!!!! and on that note VAL are you ever coming back? Sorry just needed to vent.. I am going to go ice my bruised Ego now.
Are you trying to say Louise was easy? I was last to finish.. Louise was more like a bitch to me....11:44 @ RX... but I finished... :)
Everytime I think that a WOD is not going to be that bad, IT KICKS MY ASS!!!!! Thanks for your support this morning Brian... I made it to 9 @ 65lbs...
After the torture all week long, this WOD was not that bad... Finished 14: something... I would have completed it a little bit faster, but I had to wait for the rings a few times... Thanks for a great week. See you all Monday
185 Lbs- I am still shocked that I lifted that much this morning :)
BTW- I found a great website yesterday... although it is not Paleo, it is a website dedicated to gluten free recipes, I think there are lots of recipes that can be used in the Paleo regime... Last night I tried making kale chips, (although not the real thing,they were not bad). Tonight I might try making cauliflower rice...The photo looks much better than the sound of it...
162( Not RX...)Thx Gio and Brian for the extra push.... I really hate running :( but I know I have to do it to get better... BTW- could someone create a spot on this site where we can exchange Paleo recipes/tips... Just a thought Have a good morning
Helen- 21 @ 65 As for the WOD,I actually got out of the box last and I mostly walked my first lap (I know, excuses...but after completing 21 power cleans, I was spent....) I managed to catch up a bit during the other rounds..... I finished the WOD at 16:01.. I know my time should have/would have/could have been better had I ran the first lap, oh well.. but I did push myself after I recovered from the cleans Have a great weekend everyone :) PS @ Angela I really hope you find your glasses... that sucks to think someone took them
I am enjoying the Crossfit pictures, but I really wish there were some of the bad ass ladies.... Although impressive, I am over the pictures of men using woman as bars ( Perhaps that is the feminist side of me, after all I do work in the Domestic Violence arena ) Can you please post some inspirational women photos to encourage me of what I can do I would have submitted a picture but... A. I am not a bad ass B. I don't think my husband would allow me to attempt to press him. C. If he had, he would not be very happy of me posting a picture of it for the world to see